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WINN Solicitors is one of the most highly regarded claims management companies in the UK. The business revolves around looking after no win, no fee accident claims from start to finish. WINN is dedicated to helping clients get the compensation they deserve by offering assistance before insurance companies step in. 

Over the years, WINN Solicitors has established itself as a reliable company with an honest set of core values. The team has won many awards in its time, most notably for exceptional customer care and service. The primary focus of the business is road accidents, but recent expansion has led the company to explore both workplace accidents and personal injuries in public places. 

The challenge - a faulty Mitel 3300 phone system

A previous service provider incorrectly installed the Mitel 3300 phone system for WINN Solicitors. It was wrongly installed from both a user and technical perspective, leading to problems with telephony and calls coming into the business. 

WINN Solicitors experience around 36,000 calls per month coming into the business. With a faulty telephony system in place, it means that a lot of calls end up experiencing technical issues. This lowered the overall standard of customer service as WINN had to try and work around this. Not only that, but it also prevented the company from seeing to certain calls, meaning they missed out on a lot of potential clients. 

The company also has over 20,000 active clients. To put it simply, telephony is the lifeblood of the business. If it doesn’t meet the highest standards, then it’s just not good enough. 

WINN Solicitors wanted a proper installation of the Mitel 3300 phone system, along with a comprehensive solution to ensure the system is reliable and cost-effective. 

The solution - Mitel 3300 IP telephony system and SIP lines

Wavenet discussed all the major problems with the WINN team and figured out all the main problem areas and why the current Mitel system wasn’t working properly. As experts in the Mitel 3300 system, Wavenet was perfectly placed to provide a solution that’s built to last. 

The first step was dealing with the faulty system that already existed. Wavenet installed a brand new Mitel 3300 IP telephony system that overrode the current one. By using our vast knowledge of this particular system, we were able to install it with no hiccups whatsoever. The Wavenet team checked everything over to be certain that no issues existed on the user or technical ends. 

This took care of the core problem, but one still remained. By using SIP lines - or SIP trunking - we gave the telephony system the ability to send and receive calls via the internet. In essence, this increased the call capacity of the network. Effectively, the Mitel 3300 system is now capable of handling up to 100 calls per second. 

SIP lines addressed any issues of reliability and cost-effectiveness. It’s an efficient solution that can handle vast amounts of calls all in one go. Older systems have a tendency to break if too many people call in at the same time. With a company like WINN Solicitors - that receives over 36,000 calls per month - the optimum call capacity is desperately needed. 

The end result is a telephony system that’s properly installed and uses modern technology to expand its capacity and boost reliability and efficiency. 

The benefits of a modern telephony system


By utilising the Mitel 3300 system with SIP lines, WINN Solicitors benefit from a more efficient system. For a company that depends on phone calls to generate clients, it’s vital that the system can handle the sheer volume of calls while remaining online at all times. 

Wavenet managed to create the ideal solution by addressing all of WINNs key pain points. A faulty installation from a previous service provider led to issues with incoming calls. These problems are now a thing of the past, and WINN can happily take any calls that come in, meaning they don’t miss out on business opportunities. 

The introduction of SIP trunking has also helped WINN save a lot of money. The business now has a scalable system that handles a high capacity of calls-per-second. With this technology, there’s no need for a total overhaul in communications equipment. It’s easy to install, and this keeps the costs as low as possible. 

All things considered, the team at WINN were overjoyed with the service provided by Wavenet.


Clint Milnes, the Group Director, stated that “Wavenet really made our business brilliant by knowing exactly what we need and exactly what we require for a telephony system to be as effective as we can in our market”.



 “Wavenet really made our business brilliant by knowing exactly what we need and exactly what we require for a telephony system to be as effective as we can in our market”. 

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