About Valley Leisure Ltd


Valley Leisure Ltd is an independent charitable trust based in Andover, Hampshire.


Established over 30 years ago, the charity aims to improve people’s health and wellbeing by providing facilities and services that enable people to move more and feel better.

They aim to enable people of all ages to live as well as possible for as long as possible.

The charity is a positive change agent, adaptable, agile, and nimble. Valley Leisure Ltd can scope and scale its facilities and services to meet the needs of many a town or city.





An outdated switchboard system was causing Valley Leisure Ltd issues with flexibility and basic system management.

The limitations of the system were considerable, with even simple changes requiring a technical manager. There was no ability to move phones offsite, or even relocate them to other areas of the building.

When the pandemic hit, the lack of flexibility caused further issues for the systems 25 users. Without being in the offices there was no way the team could answer the phone calls and no ability to route these to their mobile phones instead.


The Solution


After discussing their concerns and system limitations with Wavenet, VoIP was identified as the perfect solution for Valley Leisure Ltd.

In addition to the VoIP phone lines, a cloud-based user interface was added that would be accessible via a web portal with the ability to make calls and access voicemails via laptop.

As well as reducing costs and time investment in Valley Leisure Ltd's phone system, VoIP brings many other benefits.

Because VoIP is implemented over Valley Leisure's Internet connection, it’s been easy to set up, highly scalable and now offers a greater degree of flexibility and agility to their workforce. Making remote working throughout the pandemic, effortless.



The Results


Valley Leisure Ltd has been able to take advantage of the following benefits the system has to offer:

Reliability: The solution has provided a reliable robust solution for the organisation, with the ability to easily transfer calls to wherever they are needed.


Usability: VoIP phone systems are feature-rich and easy to update with the latest tech, meaning the possibilities are endless. Simple to implement and simple to use.


Cost Saving: VoIP provides scalability when required, keeping costs low with no need to pay for lines that are not being used.

Time-Saving: With no complicated maintenance and simple management, VoIP provides time-saving for both the organisation in terms of managing the system but also for end-users as calls can simply be transferred without the need for users to hang up and re-dial a new number.


Wavenet has continued to support and assist us as the needs of the company developed, and in more recent times significantly changed. Ben Thambipillai - Centre Manager, Valley Leisure Ltd



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 “The introduction of a web user interface and the ability to link with a laptop for voicemaill and calling has provided an agile and robust remote working solution

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