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TW Metals is a leading global supplier of Specialty Metals. They stock and process Tube, Pipe, Bar, Extrusions, Sheet and Plate in stainless, aluminium, nickel, titanium and carbon alloy.


With over 30 stocking locations in North America, Europe, and Asia they provide outstanding service to satisfied customers worldwide. TW Metals stands for integrity, respect for the individual, commitment, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.




An on-premise legacy ShoreTel PBX was causing frustrations with the internal team. Lacking in flexibility and difficulty integrating with M365 were just some of the issues experienced.

Coupled with on-premise architecture not fitting into the business' long-term IT goals, especially with remote working, it was quickly becoming apparent that the incumbent system was no longer fit for purpose.

TW Metals had previously adopted Microsoft Teams as their communication tool of choice for both internal and external communications. Having an external application or handset for calling made less sense than bringing all these interactions into a single pane of glass.

With 174 users across the UK and France, consideration had to be given to a remotely deployable solution that offered minimal business disruption, particularly as the company planned to introduce the new solution to their sites in Italy and Poland later in the year.

The Solution


TeamsLink from Wavenet was identified as the perfect solution for TW Metals and their multiple sites.

Already users of Teams, TeamsLink provided them with the ability to enable calling natively from within Microsoft Teams using the Teams desktop and mobile clients.

TeamsLink and Microsoft Teams provides TW Metals with the ability to boost their business into a high-performing, collaborative team. With all communications kept within one platform, sharing files, collaborating on documents and keeping in touch becomes easy. Keeping their employees connected to the business, and most importantly, their customers.

With the ability to hold online meetings and make and receive calls from anywhere, TW Metals could navigate the challenges caused by the pandemic. Remote working no longer causes any problems thanks to the agile nature of TeamsLink, whether the team is in the office or working remotely communication remains the same.


The Results


Through our work together, TW Metals have been able to take advantage of the following results:


Time-Saving: With a dedicated account manager and one point of contact, making changes or getting support is quick and easy.


Cost Saving: TeamsLink negates the need for additional telephony solutions, reducing the associated costs and the need for expensive on-site equipment. With its scalability, connections can be changed alongside the needs of the business.


Usability: TeamsLink provides a simple, user-friendly interface and a single pane of glass management portal. 


Reliability:  Unrivalled SLA's and robust connectivity are provided by Wavenet as standard. 


Remote Working Capabilities: TeamsLink is a cloud-based solution meaning that TW Metals employees can work from anywhere, anytime as easily as when they are in the office as long as they have an internet connection.


UC: TeamsLink brings all of TW Metals communications into one centralised platform, providing a more efficient and streamline platform from which their team can work.

DR: TeamsLink provides disaster recovery and business continuity due to its cloud-based capabilities.


"TeamsLink allows us to collaborate through one application including messaging, calling, meetings, file sharing and existing third-party applications. This means that the user experience is simpler with only one application window on screen, IT management is easier with less to maintain, and management has the benefit of reporting on activity across all of these collaboration tools in one place. It's easier to use, easier to manage and maintain and gives greater business insights at the same time. This improves productivity across the business, and that productivity drives efficiency and growth." - Del Huskie, Senior System Administrator, TW Metals



 “Our provisioning manager was brilliant, walking us through each step of the process and talking us through the Microsoft configuration process. But in the end it was so easy to use that once we had access we got it all set up and working ourselves, with very little support or training needed.

Our solutions have been evolved over the last two decades to allow us to innovate and provide our customers with the future-proof technology they need to stay ahead of their competition. Broken into four simple groups, our solutions cover all aspects of business communications and technology.
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  • Security & Compliance
  • IT & Technology Services


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Enable external calling from Microsoft Teams with TeamsLink from Wavenet.

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