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The Riviera Group was founded in 2016 and is made up of two entities, Riviera Insurance Insurance Services Limited which specialises in insuring private hire vehicles and All Sport Insurance Services Limited which specialises in providing insurance for sports professionals, semi-professionals, clubs and sporting associations helping them get affordable rates that don’t hinder their ability to play. Together the two businesses and 22 staff look after circa 5,000 accounts across the country from their office based out of Torquay.

Both businesses run with a very customer-centric approach which means they spend a lot of time creating bespoke, fair quotes for the two arms of their business, as well as helping deal with claims once they arise. “Going Beyond The Call” is a core value of Wavenet that resonated with both businesses and is a key reason for the partnership flourishing since they joined Wavenet almost 12 months ago.


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In an industry where speed and accuracy are paramount, Riviera found the support they were receiving with their incumbent was slow and inefficient. The desire to have more efficient support that took the stress away from their system, allowing them to focus on helping their customers during particularly difficult times formed the foundation for their decision to seek an alternative provider.


One of the biggest bugbears Riviera had with their current system was the fact it was an out of the box system and was rather rigid, meaning it wasn’t able to completely satisfy all of the needs of their business.

Kevin Davies, MD of Riviera, who had previously worked with Wavenet during his time at Brightside Group, knew that his current service and support could be improved which is why he turned to a provider whom he was familiar with and knew would be able to meet their needs.


The Solution


Alongside a phone system that met the needs of the business, they also found that Wavenet’s recommendation to utilise SIP trunking as part of the solution meant they were able to gain more control over their calls, giving them greater call quality and reliability. This also offered them a future-proof solution for the 2025 PSTN switch-off.


With the improvements that came with their system, now meeting their needs coupled with the training and support they received around the install, the company became far more comfortable with the system which meant their need for support decreased. 


Once the system was installed, Riviera immediately started to realise the difference in providers. First, through the attitude in supporting the business and ensuring they had a more appropriate platform to support their needs. For example, a key requirement for their business was the need to have a pre-recorded scripting of a legal statement which was necessary for compliance. Their previous supplier told them that it simply “wasn’t possible to do”, however after scoping out their requirements and creating Riviera a bespoke solution, this was implemented instantly.




The Results


Through our work together Riviera Insurance have been able to take advantage of the following results;


Time Savings:  With a dedicated account manager and one point of contact, making changes or getting support is quick and easy.


Remote working capabilities: SIP Trunking provides ultimate call handling capabilities with up to 100 calls per second and no loss of quality.


Cost Savings: A modernised telephony solution provides cost savings, further enhanced by the use of leased lines and no complex costly onsite equipment. SIP also provides the next step in Riviera Insurances move to the full-fibre future.


Usability: Between their on-site expertise managing/configuring the Mitel system and support from Wavenet’s engineers when required, Riviera Insurance has a phone system capable of supporting their business now and in the future.






"If there is a cultural alignment between two businesses it is far easier for them to successfully work together, which is what Riviera found working with Wavenet."


Our solutions have been evolved over the last two decades to allow us to innovate and provide our customers with the future-proof technology they need to stay ahead of their competition. Broken into four simple groups, our solutions cover all aspects of business communications and technology.
  • Unified Communications & Voice
  • Networking & Connectivity
  • Security & Compliance
  • IT & Technology Services


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