About TÜV Rheinland UK


TÜV Rheinland is a leading provider of technical services worldwide. Founded in 1872 and headquartered in Cologne, Germany, TÜV Rheinland employs 20,000 people in over 65 countries.


The group provides a broad range of testing, inspection and certification services to ensure the safety, reliability and regulatory compliance of assets and components throughout their lifecycle; as well as technical consulting and training to industrial, transportation, products and healthcare sectors. For over 145 years, they have been developing solutions to ensure the safety and quality of the interaction between man, technology, and the environment. TÜV firmly believe that social and technological progress are intrinsically tied together.


In 2014 TÜV Rheinland UK Ltd acquired Risktec Solutions Ltd (Risktec), an independent and specialist provider of risk management consulting, resourcing, learning and inspection services. TÜV Rheinland Risktec helps clients to manage health, safety, security, environmental and business risks in sectors where the impact of loss is high. TÜV Rheinland Risktec has its principal office in Warrington in the UK, with other offices in key locations in Europe, Middle East, South East Asia and North America.


The acquisition of 2MC in 2017 further expands TÜV Rhienland’s capabilities to enable organisations to master Risk and Compliance as they undergo digital transformation and benefits its customers through 2MC’s expertise in Cyber Risk Management, Threat Management, Vulnerability Management, Incident Management, Business Continuity Management, Compliance Management and GRC automation.




With 60 users reliant on their business mobiles, finding a cost effective and reliable solution was proving difficult for TÜV Rheinland UK.


With high contract costs and increasing additional charges it was quickly becoming evident that TÜV Rheinland UK needed to find a new supplier who was in tune with the needs of their businesses and was able to offer a more flexible solution to support them.


The Solution


After reaching out to Wavenet, their Mobile Team Leader was tasked with finding the perfect solution for TÜV which could offer them value for money and the support their business needs.


Having carefully listened to the requirements of TÜV Rheinland UK and after conducting a thorough investigation of the marketplace, Wavenet provided a solution that had the optimum blend of coverage and commercial benefit. Wavenet are one of only seven organisations in the UK who can offer services from the three major mobile providers, O2, Vodafone and EE ensuring that a reliable and robust connection is available to all customers no matter their geographic location.


Taking advantage of Wavenet's Mobile Business Package (which includes 15gb data allowance per user, unlimited calls and texts and pooled data) alongside Wavenet's Mobile Equipment Fund meant that TÜV had a flexible solution that could easily be changed to meet their needs. Adding additional users was also greatly simplified and takes just a quick email to their dedicated account manager. 


Pooled data has the advantage of removing bill-shock keeping costs static and the equipment fund allows the customer to release funds when ordering new handsets. As new connections are added onto the customers estate the equipment fund grows alongside this.



The Results


TÜV Rheinland UK have been able to take advantage of the following results:


Usability - With no complicated tech and one point of contact for all billing and device enquiriesTÜV Rheinland UK have a user-friendly solution at their fingertips. If additional handsets are required or changes needed, a quick email to their account manager is all that is required.


Remote Working Capabilities - Business mobiles are the backbone of remote working solutions, providing reliable connections at a time when WiFi is not always available.


Time Saving - With a dedicated account manager and one point of contact, making changes or getting support is quick and easy.


Cost Saving - With an equipment fund and pooled data TÜV Rheinland UK can make savings on both their handsets and data costs. Their equipment fund continues to grow as more connections are added to their estate. With handset upgrades being the decision of the customer and not a contractual obligation.


"Wavenet have provided an incredible service. Mainly our Account Manager who has been there for support and advice in many instances. Wavenet have been swift in acting on any issues and knowledgeable from start to finish." - Sarab Dahele, IT Specialist,TÜV Rheinland UK



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 “Wavenet handled the implementation incredibly well, 10 out of 10. I have found them incredibly helpful and there for support when needed

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