About Kidney Research UK


Kidney Research UK is a charity aiming to free lives from the restrictions, fear, anxiety and life limiting nature of kidney disease. Funding and delivering ground-breaking research to save lives and develop treatments.

With donations at the heart of keeping this charity going, the pandemic and lack of ability to work remotely posed a real challenge to their business continuity.




Kidney Research UK had previously been using an on-premise Mitel system. Whilst this allowed them to handle calls and take donations, as the charity required, the capabilities were limited. This became apparent very quickly when the pandemic hit and the charity had to make the rapid transition to remote working. The legacy system did not allow them to function away from the office and the charity were challenged with finding a remote working solution that could not only fulfil their business needs, but that could also be deployed rapidly.

The Solution


TeamsLink with Wavenet was deployed for 10 users, initially as a POC. With a timely deployment being key, Kidney Research UK had their kick-off call just 2 days after the order was placed and the POC went fully live in just 1 week. 


The team at Kidney Research UK fully intended to take advantage of the free TeamsLink offer until the end of July and then switch back to their original system. After just one month on the POC the decision was taken to roll out TeamsLink across the organisation, expanding their users to 65.


The whole team at Kidney Research UK is now working efficiently and effectively from home. With their care teams able to take more calls at home and utilise the call tracking features of TeamsLink the ability for the team to take donations remotely has improved.


When migrating to TeamsLink, the Provisioning team at Wavenet provided outstanding service throughout the whole process. A full remote training session was provided, with project lead - Information Systems Manager, Chris Holden taking part, along with some of the extended IT support team. Throughout the training the team were taken through all aspects of the platform, with Chris being extremely complimentary about how easy the platform was to manage. 


TeamsLink includes the Admin Portal, which allows real-time management for the team at Kidney Research UK. All call routing can be set up and managed directly by the team and temporary call routing is managed directly through the portal. The IT team at Kidney Research UK are currently testing the more advanced features of the platform including complex call routing using the in hours and out of hours options, hunt groups, marketing messaging and voicemail.






"From start to finish, this project was one of the smoothest I've managed. The Wavenet team were outstanding. With a polished plan ready to go, the step by step process was painless and quick. Tracey and Jordan were available to support us in implementing our system, and were able to translate our requirements easily. I am genuinely impressed with this product and the team who deliver it. The service from our account manager, Jordan Bloor, and the provisioning expert, Tracey Hudson, was outstanding." - Chris Holden, IT Manager, Kidney Research UK


The Results


With deployment happening so quickly, Kidney Research UK have been experimenting with the capabilities of TeamsLink and are now looking at a new call centre structure based on the skill level of the agent, something the portal allows them to do which their previous system did not. 




Kidney Research UK have been so impressed with the platform, the savings in both cost and time and the ability to work remotely they are now looking to make the upgrade to TeamsLink Pro which will allow them access to more advanced call centre functionality including smart agent selection and supervisor dashboards.


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 “The whole team at Kidney Research UK is now working efficiently and effectively from home. With their care teams able to take more calls at home and utilise the call tracking features of TeamsLink their donations have increased markedly.

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