About Karbon Homes


Karbon Homes, build, manage and look after affordable homes for people across the North. And then they go further, we give them the strong foundations they need to crack on with life.


Since their formation in 2017, they've focused on delivering their three strategic aims - to provide as many good quality homes as they can, to deliver excellent service to their customers, and to shape strong, sustainable places for their communities.


Their footprint covers the North East of England and Yorkshire, with almost 30,000 homes across diverse communities, all facing different opportunities and challenges.


Karbon Homes always make the effort to understand their customers. They believe that everyone deserves respect and everyone’s voices should be heard.


Some customers just need an affordable home, or a way onto the property ladder. Others might need more – financial advice, community services, sheltered accommodation or even training that can lead to a new job. Whatever people need to feel more secure, confident and happy with where they’re at, Karbon Homes work their heart out to provide it.


They believe that by combining a sound business head with a strong social heart and staying true to their values, they can build strong foundations for even more people.





Karbon Homes' incumbent MPLS solution had been in place for over 10 years. Whilst originally it worked perfectly for their requirements, as time, and technology moved on it was beginning to limit the ability for Karbon Homes to make the most of new technology available to them.


As the incumbent solution utilised point to point links between their colocation and edge site with a centralised Internet breakout at the colocation site, fibre speeds could not be fully utilised.


With over 900 employees it was essential that Karbon Homes could continue to adopt more cloud services. However, it became apparent that faster Internet access to the offices was necessary for their digital transformation to continue.


The Solution


After discussing their pain points with Wavenet a solution of wires-only fibre ethernet circuits was decided upon.


These wires-only fibre ethernet circuits were provided in varying capacity to Karbon Homes office locations and colocation site, with secondary links (FTTP or FTTC) depending on site size. The wires-only approach allowed Karbon Homes to bring their own security appliances and SD-WAN solution, without the addition of a third-party managed device between Karbon Homes' perimeter security equipment and Wavenet's core Internet network.


Wavenet fully coordinated the site surveys, fibre installation and service activation meaning that Karbon Homes only had one point of contact throughout the entire process, significantly streamlining the operation. Karbon Homes were also provided with two fibre connections to one site to further ensure infrastructure resiliency.



The Results


Through our work together Karbon Homes have been able to take advantage of the following benefits:

Reliability: The solution has provided a reliable robust solution for the organisation, increasing resilience with additional connections into each site.


Cost Saving: A modernised connectivity solution has provided significant cost savings for Karbon Homes.

Time-Saving: With one point of contact for all queries, Karbon Homes can be confident that any changes to their solution can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.


Unrivalled SLA's: With unrivalled SLA's, Karbon Homes has complete peace of mind in their solution.


From procurement to delivery, Wavenet has been great to work with. Our account manager always endeavoured to make sure we got the best experience available, whether this was from the installs team or the service desk team when raising queries. The response from the service desk team when we had to raise a query was great, with the required information provided within just a couple of hours. ICT Technical Services Team - Karbon Homes



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 “The team ensured we were never without an update, whether there was a day or activation we had that update as soon as Wavenet had it. Meeting weekly throughout the project to agree next steps and identify Karbon colleagues required on site to meet engineers.

Our solutions have been evolved over the last two decades to allow us to innovate and provide our customers with the future-proof technology they need to stay ahead of their competition. Broken into four simple groups, our solutions cover all aspects of business communications and technology.
  • Unified Communications & Voice
  • Networking & Connectivity
  • Security & Compliance
  • IT & Technology Services


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