About Italik


Italik is a fast-growing independent IT services company and Microsoft Silver Partner helping organisations that need to connect people securely so that they can succeed and scale.


Placing security first, Italik works with leading technology and UC specialists, such as Wavenet, to deliver comprehensive and robust solutions.  



Italik had been expert users, customers and resellers of Skype for Business for many years. The team at Italik wanted to lead the way in the world of unified communications by becoming TeamsLink specialist users and advocates of the platform themselves. Becoming experts in Microsoft Teams would enable staff to showcase the platform and its features with first-hand knowledge and experience

The Solution


Teams Link with Wavenet was deployed for over 25 users at Italik over a relaxed timescale. A close working relationship has been cemented throughout the deployment with users at Italik becoming expert users on the platform, allowing them to showcase their first-hand knowledge and experience of TeamsLink with to further potential users and customers.


When migrating to TeamsLink, the Provisioning team at Wavenet provided outstanding service throughout the whole process. The process was enhanced through Wavenet’s TeamLink provisioning checklist, which was accessed by both Wavenet’s and Italik’s domain admins and stakeholders. This portal clearly presented each step of the process and assigned them to specific owners. The domain admin was able to complete their actions and monitor the progress of their TeamsLink migration.


Wavenet includes the Admin Portal, which allows real-time management for the team at Italik. They can instantly add new users to the platform, observe trends, evaluate the usage, monitor costs and manage ring groups and call routes across the whole organisation. Continued and seamless use of the portal was available throughout the migration from Skype for Business to TeamsLink meaning no downtime, loss of contact or productivity. Italik’s configurations in the admin portal remained unchanged between the two platforms. There was no need for any number porting and there were no additional costs for training on a new portal.




Italik’s migration timescale was flexible, which allowed for in-depth user testing as well as risk and change management for end-users. A staged deployment process was tested over several days with split use between both Skype for Business and TeamsLink platforms. 


"Italik has been using the Wavenet platform for a few years along with the hosted Skype for Business platform.  From Italik’s perspective, the platform was technically and operationally very well run. Still, Italik wanted to move voice into TeamsLink to be able to use the new Microsoft tool to keep company collaboration within a single application. 


Italik had already started using Microsoft Teams and fell in love with how we could collaborate as a business but missed having calls and chats within a single application.  We did initially look at the Microsoft calling plan but found that it was more expensive than the offering from Wavenet and it meant a more seamless migration as we didn’t have to port any numbers, and the solution would remain the same.


Italik also found that the Microsoft telephony solution to be less feature-rich, and in the future, we may need to look at some call centre features which Wavenet fully support.  The Wavenet support staff coordinated the transition from Skype for Business to TeamsLink very efficiently and as a result, the transition for our users was very seamless." - Robert Milner, Infrastructure Manager at Italik.


Teams at Wavenet and Italik worked closely through the migration with fantastic communication between colleagues in Sales, Provisioning, Support and IT. Ongoing account management will continue with Wavenet’s collaborative approach to our Wholesale Partner Channel. Italik will be kept up to date with upcoming releases and new features to the platform.


Wavenet offers the most feature-rich Teams platform on the market: TeamsLink, and are the exclusive telephony specialist and provider with Italik. Partnering with Wavenet allows Italik to enhance their expertise within unified communications and is seamlessly integrated within their existing IT services.  


The Results


Italik is part of Wavenet’s thriving partner community and has successfully showcased and deployed Wavenet’s telephony solutions into many organisations.  


Most recently, a collaborative approach was taken to deploy Skype for Business with Contact Centre into a housing association based in the Midlands, with over 110 users. The customer was previously using a Skype for Business plugin with limited functionality. The customer aimed to modernise their working environment by removing the limited office space and maximising the functionality available with Wavenet to transform their workforce into remote and flexible workers.  


The customer had a timescale of several months to take a staged approach but have seen a significant immediate uptake by staff embracing the benefits of our platform.




I was gobsmacked by the number of people we had working from hubs and homes in our first week, it was a real pleasure to see, it didn’t take for long for it to kick in! Thank you very much, I can’t speak highly enough of everyone at Wavenet, everyone has been fantastic since day one!  


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 “TeamsLink keeps communication and collaboration within one single application. Wavenet's Teams platform is feature-rich and better value for money than Microsoft direct.

Our solutions have been evolved over the last two decades to allow us to innovate and provide our customers with the future-proof technology they need to stay ahead of their competition. Broken into four simple groups, our solutions cover all aspects of business communications and technology.
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