About Andrew Collinge


Andrew Collinge is a family-owned hairdressing company based in the North West of England. It has five salons and is an apprentice training provider for 100 local salons


Andrew Collinge Hairdressing is a modern creative force, renowned for contemporary, desirable and wearable hairstyles. Exceptional hairdressing salons, hair products and hairdressing training have ensured this award-winning hairdressing salon group is firmly established as one of the most influential hairdressing companies in the UK.




The incumbent phone system was causing problems for the network of salons, calls could not be transferred between salons and calls could not be taken remotely.

The existing system also required an engineer visit when changes to the call routing were needed, making this both costly and time-consuming. When social distancing rules came into force, engineer visits were made even more complicated and caused a huge degree of disruption to the business.

It was becoming apparent that the salons required a modernised phone system that would ensure they could deal with their clients efficiently, and deliver significant cost savings to the business.

The Solution


After discussing the telephony needs of the salons a hosted solution was identified as the perfect fit for Andrew Collinge Hairdressing.

With no expensive on-premise system there was no costly CAPEX, and no engineer visits required to make changes to call routing the hosted solution delivered significant cost savings.

Administering the system and making changes to the call routing can be done directly by the team at Andrew Collinge, meaning they can react to the changes in salon opening times, react to closures and ensure their office calls are routed when they are not in to take calls. Something that proved particularly useful when the pandemic hit.

The addition of soft-phones for team members meant that they can use their laptops to take calls whilst working from home, as Andrew Collinge also provides training for over 100 local salons this meant that the team were still on hand to provide advice, training and support to the apprentices.


The Results


Through our work together Andrew Collinge Hairdressing have been able to take advantage of the following results;


Time Savings: Both in cost and time have been experienced by the trust since the new solution has been implemented. With a dedicated account manager and one point of contact, making changes or getting support is quick and easy.


Remote working capabilities: Remote working is now a viable option for all at Andrew Collinge Hairdressing, providing them with the necessary business continuity throughout the pandemic.


UC: Hosted Voice brings all of Andrew Collinge Hairdressing's communications into one centralised platform, providing a more efficient and streamline platform from which their team can work.


Usability: With no complicated tech or onsite engineer visits, Andrew Collinge have a simple to use and easily scalable solution.


"It is very easy to contact the support team who log issues accurately and resolve them quickly. When we want to make a change it is noted and actioned without having to speak to lots of different people or wait in a call queue. The dedicated account managers and system engineers work for Wavenet so changes to the system are carried out quickly." - Charlie Collinge, Managing Director, Andrew Collinge Hairdressers



 “The ease of administering the system and fine-tuning the route of incoming calls proved particularly important during the pandemic as salons and the office opening was disrupted

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