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Action 365 was initially established as an uninsured loss recovery agent back in 1999. Based in the North of England, the company expanded to provide a range of new products and comprehensive business services that support and strengthen their clients own business growth. As of right now, they offer one of the best motor claims accident management services for hire companies, insurers, and brokers. In 2018, they also opened up a new section of the business called Freedom Brokerage.  

The firm has over 200 years of combined experience amongst its employees and is widely regarded as one of the most financially reliable performers in its industry. 

The challenge - flexibility in a growing market


Action 365 operates within one of the fastest-growing markets in the UK - insurance. The entire industry continues to expand and grow at a rapid rate. Alongside this, Action 365 has also experienced significant growth over the last few years, with an introduction of new services. 

Consequently, the need for a flexible and adaptable communications partner is essential. They found it hard to manage various communication methods while still ensuring that excellent customer service was provided. As a contact centre, it’s part of their mandate to be reachable by any means necessary, whenever a customer needs them. 

Previous communication methods proved to be too outdated as they couldn’t adapt to the growth of the company. They were looking for a partner who can be flexible whenever required and can help the communications network growth alongside the business. 

While all methods of communication are important, the Action 365 team were especially concerned about telephony. Even though they have many ways for customers and clients to contact them, most of their business happens over the phone. So, they needed to be certain that they had a flexible and scalable telephony system that suited their needs. 

To achieve all of this, they needed a partner they could trust and rely on. They needed someone who could provide total support for communication systems - particularly the telephone. This is where Wavenet came in to provide the ultimate solution. 

The solution - a managed telephone network with scalability built-in

After consulting with Action 365 to hear all of the company’s key pain points, Wavenet provided the perfect solution to their communication needs. As the main focus was on a flexible telephony network, Wavenet created a managed system with an account manager overseeing everything for Action 365. 

A critical requirement was that all of the scope was planned out from the beginning. With the new telephone system, Action 365 is better prepared for any growth or expansions. As the company gets bigger and has an increased demand put on the telephony side of things, the new network can grow with it and handle the new workload. 

Wavenet has provided the Action 365 team with a system that’s easy to manage and can improve business performance. Now, they can see a graphic that features all the different phone lines and how many callers are waiting behind each one. From here, it’s easy to manage and organise things to send waiting callers to employees that have a short line or might be free.

All the agents at Action 365 now have instant access to this software at their computers. It’s an integrated solution that has transformed the way the business operates. As a result, more calls can be taken each day with less waiting times for the callers. 


The benefits of flexible & adaptable modern communications


Action 365 has seen noticeable changes since the introduction of Wavenet’s communication solution. The benefits of modern technology mean that the business has better control over its telephony network. Agents can see when callers are waiting, and there’s an improvement in productivity. 

Not only that, but the key advantage is the scalability of it all. Outdated methods will have sticking points. They reach a stage where the system can’t handle all the demands. With a scalable and flexible option from Wavenet, Action 365 doesn’t need to worry about finding a new solution in the future. If the business grows or moves to a new location, the system can follow along. 

There’s also the benefit of paying for what you need. With other solutions, businesses are forced to pay for more than they currently need, just to ensure there’s room for the company to grow. With a flexible approach, businesses only ever pay for a service that meets their current needs. 

The team at Action 365 has praised Wavenet for coming up with such a complete solution that ticks all the right boxes. They were looking for a partner that could improve their services, and a spokesperson for the company stated that Wavenet’s strength has made them brilliant. 



 The team at Action 365 has praised Wavenet for coming up with such a complete solution that ticks all the right boxes. 

Our solutions have been evolved over the last two decades to allow us to innovate and provide our customers with the future-proof technology they need to stay ahead of their competition. Broken into four simple groups, our solutions cover all aspects of business communications and technology.
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