Mobile phones are the one piece of technology that most people feel like they can't live without and today, this is even true of businesses. 

Whilst the humble mobile phone is often overlooked, it is a powerful piece of technology that keeps teams connected wherever they may be.


Public sector organisations are embracing technology to aid in their digital transformation and remote working has become a large part of this.  The introduction of 4G, apps for almost all business processes, enhanced security and the rollout of 5G has seen more organisations adopt mobile phones as part of their technology stack than ever before.


So can mobile phones really help the public sector, and how is a mobile phone instrumental in digital transformation?



approved tickCost


Mobiles can be cheap. There's no denying that. With access to rafts of suppliers, contracts and handsets every organisation can find a cost-effective solution that suits them best.

At Wavenet, we work hard to minimise bill shock. We aggregate our mobile services so that you have one bill, one supplier and one point of contact.



connectivity between locationsConnectivity 


With robust 4G connections and the steady rollout of 5G, mobile connectivity has never been better. Couple this with widely available public WiFi and it's easy to stay connected. This ability to remain connected anywhere means that staff can also work from any geographic location. Implementation of remote working has a positive impact on staff retention and recruitment.



call hand-off between desk and mobileCall Handoff


The benefits of business mobiles now go far beyond the basics of being able to make and receive phone calls wherever you are. With constant advances in both hardware and software mobiles are quickly becoming one of the most important business communication tools.

With the ability to sync in-house VoIP telephony with your mobile means that calls you make are the same as when you are in the office, the seamless call handoff function means that you can keep a conversation going if you need to leave the office or upon your return.





The ability to collaborate effectively is one of the most important aspects of remote working. Mobile phones make this possible. With the ability to join conferences, management meetings, and project meetings staff can participate as if they are in the same building. 
Add to this the many collaborative tools that are available on mobile platforms such as MS Teams and it's never been easier for colleagues to keep in touch.



Why Wavenet?


Mobile voice and data solutions from Wavenet can help future-proof public sector organisations. Wavenet is proud to be a trusted public sector provider on the RM3808 Network Services 2 framework. Committed to helping public sector organisations in their digital transformations.


When it comes to business mobiles, reliability is essential. Good access to a reliable data connection can unlock flexibility, efficiency, productivity and collaboration, having a direct impact on reputation and your bottom line.

The business mobile market moves fast. New tariffs, solutions and technologies are emerging all the time. It takes a determined and curious mentality to identify what’s coming next and understand how it will make a meaningful difference to the way you work.

That’s where Wavenet can help. By looking at developing tech, we can futureproof your mobile communications, helping you to achieve more with innovative technology.








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