Compliance and Regulations within certain organisations is one of the deciding factors when choosing a UC platform. TeamsLink provides a secure and complete compliance solution for all modes of communication across Microsoft Teams.


TeamsLink Call Recording provides a secure, compliant solution for recording, archiving, retrieving, searching and monitoring communication across Microsoft Teams directly within your Teams client.


If you work in a Call Centre, Financial or Legal services then call recording is an absolute must. Whilst it provides many benefits in terms of staff training and customer experience, the biggest benefit is Security and Compliance.


Laws and regulations put in place to protect customers have long been a driving force between organisations implementing call recording, and whilst we're all quite familiar with hearing "This call may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes" when contacting larger organisations, what you may not be aware of is that many organisations are recording these calls to follow regulations.


As more and more client interactions take place remotely, it's of paramount importance to have procedures in place to ensure people are who they say they are and to make sure the communication is stored safely should it be needed in the future.


Contact Centres


One of the most common organisations to use call recording are Contact Centres where customer service is used to resolve issues. The recording is needed in order to deal with a number of issues from potential disputes, to staff training. 


Financial Services


Many companies that fall under the Financial Services umbrella are required to record their calls by law. In particular these companies are those that have highly influential positions such as stock brokers and investment advisors.


In particular calls that need to be recorded are any which conclude an agreement with a client or a regulated firm on behalf of a client and those which are conducted with a professional client or eligible counterparty with a view to including an agreement.


Payment Card Industry


In order to be PCI compliant companies processing payments and recording calls need to ensure that any sensitive authentication data (SAD) is not recorded when taking payments through the phone or other devices. Even if the data is fully encrypted it is prohibited to use any form of audio recording to store the data.


Law Firms


Call recording can help firms in the Legal Sector in two main ways; Avoiding loss of information and complaints resolution.


When dealing with clients it's essentially to note down important information, however relying on notes is not always foolproof and this is where call recording comes in. Allowing your team to access the information again ensures that no details are missed. It offers peace of mind and means that solicitors can fully concentrate on the conversation with their client.


The second reason is to protect your organisation against complaints. The legal sector has one of the biggest incidences of complaints being raised with the Ombudsman for failure to advise and failure to follow instructions. 

When a formal complaint does happen, call recording can be used to minimise liability and fact check information, saving both time and money.



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