About The Disabilities Trust Group


The Disabilities Trust Group (DTG) is a charity that works alongside people with an acquired brain injury to help them live as independently as possible.


With 2 hospitals and 13 assessment and rehabilitation centres, they support people with brain injuries to regain the skills they have lost through neurorehabilitation. Alongside the hospitals and rehabilitation centres DTG have 28 community support services, with dedicated teams of specialists who work closely with each individual in order to shape the treatment around them.


From rehabilitation to long-term care in supported living accommodation, DTG’s brain injury services help people to move forward with their lives.


Technology is key to improving the experience of those in DTG's care, both for users and for employees. DTG strives to be a technology leader in their sector, which requires a long-term strategic approach and a futureproofed solution.


Their WiFi solution was providing challenges around usability and accessibility for people within DTG. Ageing routers required a manual login process for each user via a username and password, an inconvenience to many but for those with acquired brain injuries a major barrier to independence.


The WiFi connection was unreliable, this paired with the manual login process, meant many users often needed help when connecting to the network. Requiring assistance every time they needed to connect made users less independent, consuming valuable staff time limiting DTG’s ability to manage users.


It was extremely important for DTG to find a solution that would address their issues, providing a more user-friendly experience for everyone. With over 1600 users reliant on the WiFi a reliable and robust solution needed to be found.

The Solution

The bespoke solution that best suited their requirements was a Ruckus WiFi solution with Cloudpath authentication.


The solution was then implemented to the 43 Supported Living sites that DTG have across the country. It was crucial that each site had full WiFi coverage throughout the home and internet speeds with market leading performance, ensuring those living at the sites received an outstanding user experience.


Cloudpath negates the need for traditional sign-in protocols, meaning a username and password is not required. Instead, each device is assigned an ID and through centralised management, these connect without the need for user authentication, whilst still providing all the essential access rights, age-restricted access and safeguarding DTG requires.


As well as enhancing the user experience, this solution forms a key part of DTG’s long-term strategy to use technology to enable the best possible experience for service users at all sites.


Brain injury patient care and treatment is developing from Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR) to video conferencing and sensor technologies. Smart home features such as voice controlled lighting and biometric secure access are all being used. These require a strong network foundation to be built upon, which is why having a first-rate network and WiFi infrastructure is the crucial first step.

The Results

Following the implementation of the Ruckus WiFi solution with Cloudpath authentication. DTG now have a futureproof first rate network that they can be confident in.


DTG have now been able to take advantage of the following results:


Timesaving- A simple user-friendly WiFi system, means less time spent by staff assisting with logon issues. Users can connect seamlessly to their devices across any of the sites.
Reliability- With unrivalled SLA's and dedicated Account Managers, DTG have complete peace of mind.
Usability- With no complicated on-site equipment, DTG have an easy to manage and easy to use network solution.
Futureproof- With technology built to be used now and in the future. DTG can be confident their solution will allow them to keep up with developments in brain injury care and treatments.

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