Business owners and professionals alike are probably aware that ISDN networks will soon be no more!


ISDN networks are going to be phased out in 2020 and then pulled the plug on entirely in 2025. For anyone who is shaking their heads unsure if they are still using the network or not;  ISDN is a traditional phone line (one step up from analogue).


In light of this, those who are still using ISDN will need to think about making the switch to a SIP or VoIP. Session Initiation Protocol is the tech which is used to enable voice traffic over the internet. VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) essentially refers to compatibility with SIP. With this in mind, those who now use a voice system that is not SIP compatible will require a whole new phone system before they make the move. Many businesses have switched to Hosted PBX, which means that the system is hosted off-premise (in the cloud). A Hosted PBX runs via the servers and is entirely delivered  through the internet.


With a little way to go until 2025, some businesses might be wondering what’s the rush? However, there are many great reasons that you will want to improve your business agility by making the move right now!


money costsSave money 


Making the switch sooner rather than later, could stand to save you some money (because you won’t be paying line rental any longer). SIP is a cloud-based service and relies upon calls being made over the world wide web only! When you’re running a business, you'll likely welcome any technology that comes with a cost reduction. 


ConsultUnified Communication 


Moving from ISDN to SIP will mean that you open up the possibilities of unified communication. Doing so will increase your business performance. Platforms such as Microsoft Office and MS Teams can allow you to integrate your SIP and Hosted PBX. Such integrations will enable you to collaborate fully within your company via a plethora of cloud-based communications all in one place. You can handle your company calls, video conferencing, instant messaging, file sharing, and more; all within the cloud. In a digitised business climate, you’ll want to make the most of the newly emerging technologies to improve your efficiency. You’ll open up the possibilities of allowing your employees to work on the go and thus increase your productivity.


CustomHighly Flexible 


Without your phone numbers fixed to a set location, you’ll find things a whole lot more flexible. With SIP it’s effortless to divert calls to multiple locations should you need too. SIP can be particularly useful if your business chooses to relocate too. It’s easy to scale up should you require more phone lines due to the flexible nature of SIP.

ISDN is coming to an end, and if you put off the switch, that’s just one more thing on your to-do-list. If you’re still using ISDN, it’s best to get the whole thing out of the way and start reaping the benefits! Telephony systems have changed in the last few years and it’s high time to change with them. 


Microsoft Teams Icon 4How Wavenet Can Help.


Wavenet and Microsoft Teams will give you the power to boost your business into a high-performing, collaborative team and even brings external calling to Teams.


With Microsoft Teams you can share files and collaborate on working documents in real-time and with instant messaging built directly into the platform, you’ll be able to stay in contact with your office no matter where you are. Wavenet can also provide external calling to Microsoft Teams, bringing your experience to the next level.


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