Cloud Data Management Market Overview



The global backup market is estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27.5% from 2016 to 2020. Propelling this market growth is the rise in data explosion, coupled with the increased adoption of cloud-based solutions across organisations.


Additionally, a key driver spurring adoption is the limitations in traditional backup methods forcing companies to look for substitutes. Traditional backup approaches are notorious for difficult decentralised management and are also difficult to scale out introducing additional costs as your data grows. Furthermore, traditional processes can impact application performance and the complex data paths introduce protection and security risks.

Rubrik, a billion-dollar unicorn startup, is determined to revolutionise the stagnant backup & recovery market, which has needed innovation and simplification for more than a decade now. Unlike traditional backup methods, Rubrik is a complete data management platform delivering automated backup, instant recovery, archival replication, compliance, analytics and copy data management in a single unified solution built for the hybrid cloud.



How does Rubrik redefine the cloud data management market?




1. Data cloud management for the cloud era


According to RightScale, 85% of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy, deploying applications on the best suited cloud whether private or public. The cloud has become the new norm for enterprises with the majority of organisations storing their data in the cloud and having at least one application running in the cloud, IDG reports. This shift towards a cloud-first and multi-cloud strategy has transformed the data management and recovery landscape.


As enterprises migrate workloads to the cloud, the need for a cloud-scale data management platform becomes paramount in order to protect and manage data born in the cloud. While other vendors buy third-party products or try to overlay the cloud onto their legacy infrastructures, Rubrik has the cloud natively built into the platform. This allows inter- and intra-cloud replication, bi-directional replication between cloud and on-prem, cloud data archival, and more. Rubrik runs on both private and public cloud infrastructures including AWS and Microsoft Azure.


Bipul Sinha, CEO and co-founder of Rubrik, said, ‘To successfully operate in a multi-cloud world, enterprises require a backup and data management solution that frees their data from the underlying infrastructure. Rubrik encapsulates all data with rich services -- policy, security, automation, access control, compliance, and search -- to achieve ultimate workload and data portability across any environment.’


Rubrik eliminates the barriers to data mobility, providing mission critical functions needed to drive business agility, cost effectiveness, and performance as enterprises shift workloads to the cloud.



2. Relentless innovation & simplicity


Rubrik is the industry’s first complete cloud data management solution, purpose-built for cloud. It is a single, software fabric that manages all data in the cloud, at the edge, or on-premises. It eliminates all pitfalls of past approaches such as long deployment cycles, inability to meet SLAs, lack of scalability, architectural and management complexity. It achieves unprecedented simplicity in both deployment and management through plug-and-play appliances and by using consumer-grade interface to manage applications.


Founded by key engineers from Google, Facebook, VMware and Data Domain, Rubrik disrupts the market through continuous innovation and advancements added to the platform. Since the launch in 2015, several major product releases have been added including extending the platform’s capabilities into physical systems supporting physical Linux, physical Windows, physical SQL Server and physical NAS, in addition to the VMware capabilities it had at the beginning. Rubrik also incorporates Envision, a real-time data reporting and analytics tool allowing enterprises to build business intelligence straight from the Rubrik platform. Additionally, end-to-end encryption was added for both public and private clouds. Rubrik’s fast product release cycles ensure the latest technology is delivered to customers for unmatched experience.


Innovation is also ensured through rounds of investments, such as the recent $180 million round of funding which was driven in order to fuel future growth and increase their staff focusing on engineering and marketing. ‘We’ve had significant traction and wanted to double down to capture the market demand that we were experiencing,’ says Bipul Sinha, CEO and co-founder of Rubrik.



3. Integrations with other vendors


It is unrealistic to expect a single vendor to provide the entirety of software and that’s why integration between different solutions is so important. Integrations can dramatically improve the workflow and simplify processes by efficiently exchanging and communicating data between solutions.


Rubrik has unveiled integration with the Pure Storage, launching a data protection solution for FlashBlade, along with integration between Rubrik’s Cloud Data Management products and  FlashArray//M. Since Rubrik and Pure Storage both target high-profile clients and a similar market, they already have customers in common who will benefit from the integration.


Rubrik acts as the coordination point between applications and storage. It also provides a useful bridge between primary storage like Pure Storage and other, lower-cost storage options like cloud-based S3 storage, or platforms like Cloudian, Scality and Cleversafe. This enables IT professionals to achieve integrated data management across hybrid cloud environment without compromising application consistency, granularity, or mobility.

Rubrik now works with hundreds of global partners including VMware, Nutanix, Tintri and Assured Data Protection.



4. Cost-savings in the order of  50% are achievable


Rubrik also shakes up the backup & recovery market providing an optimal solution in a more cost-effective way by eliminating the need for backup software or globally deduplicated storage. Rubrik shrinks your data centre footprint by simplifying and converging legacy architecture. It scales linearly so your business is not hampered by forklift upgrades. Customers can achieve immediate cost savings up to 50% by removing unnecessary hardware and software solutions.

Additionally, management and installation of Rubrik devices is ‘plug-and-play’ simple, reducing daily management by 60% on average and data centre footprint by 70%, freeing your IT resources to focus on innovation and business value.

We hope this article has been of interest. If your company has challenges with existing Backup, Business Continuity and DR systems and processes, contact Solar Communications to find out more about how we can help your business reduce cost and improve agility with next generation of data management.



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