Cloud computing offers many business advantages from the ease of use to productivity and cost savings, the benefits are numerous.


But the question has always been raised around how and where sensitive data is stored. This is where Hybrid Cloud can offer a solution.


Hybrid Cloud brings all the benefits of public cloud whilst enabling businesses to continue to make choices of where more sensitive types of data are stored and the privacy of this storage.


Security_blueSecuring Sensitive Data


Unlike a pure private cloud implementation, deploying hybrid cloud addresses the concerns around the security of sensitive data whilst offering a dual strategy.


The Storage Made Easy Enterprise File Fabric™ platform provides a solution to the public / private hybrid cloud conundrum but takes it a step further in the following ways:


Integrating with many existing private data applications and public cloud solutions, SME can provide an agnostic solution for file storage. Allowing you to work with the solutions your business already has rather than forcing you to adopt others.


web_blueSimple Management 


Offering a single pane of glass view for all corporate data wherever it is stored, SME can be configured to create an audit log of all file events. These logs can be exported as required helping conform to compliance and governance legislation.


Encryption of sensitive files is another option the SME system gives users. Sensitive data can either be encrypted via the gateway or kept entirely private but still accessible behind a firewall.


GEO tracking and location tagging with user-determined restrictions are also built into the platform and secure file sharing with pre-defined file-sharing policies make sure data is safe even when in transit.


The SME system provides a single pane of glass into all cloud services and integrates into corporate identity management systems such as LDAP and Active Directory.


SME functions as both a private and public data control point. Enabling users to add their personal cloud accounts if this is company policy, thus allowing businesses to track which documents are shared or moved into a users personal cloud account.


STORAGE_blueStorage Agnostic 


As SME is storage agnostic it can be used as an Enterprise File Fabric™ with one or more public or private storage clouds. Allowing you to choose the storage solutions which best suits your business needs.


By unifying private and public company data, the SME solution allows IT departments to regain control of "cloud data sprawl" by providing a single converged infrastructure. With is simplistic management, setting and enforcing governance and audit control for file sharing and access is easy. Further data control is provided in the form of deep content search of indexed data both for recovery and retention purposes.


This single pane of glass approach provides a simple solution to the complex problem of "Shadow IT" and makes it possible for organisations to strike a balance between protecting corporate and employee data by allowing businesses to easily audit, monitor and secure all data silos from one single point of access.


Why Wavenet?


Based on client requirement, we can offer traditional disk-based storage systems and flash-enabled arrays to help set new standards of application and database performance.


Proving effortless acceleration and consolidation for all workloads, Wavenet storage solutions present comprehensive data protection, and true hybrid cloud operations.


Bring the next-gen power of shared accelerated storage to your data with data-centric storage solutions from Wavenet.



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