Why do I need a separate backup strategy?


There's a commonly held misconception by IT professionals that cloud services such as  Microsoft O365 services do not require a separate backup strategy. This can lead to business critical data being compromised.

But making the assumption that a SaaS vendor like Microsoft has taken care of your backup is a dangerous assumption. This is particularly the case when data has been deleted, which can go unnoticed for some time.

Here's our seven reasons why you need a separate backup strategy;


Avoid Dependency


Being wholly dependent on a single cloud vendor is a dangerous mistake for a business to make. Without control of their own data, businesses will struggle to react fast enough in the event of an issue becoming apparent.


Even if the data can be retrieved the process itself can become part of the problem with long and complicated retrieval process and the added problem of a potentially destructive all-or-nothing restore.


Setting Your Own Retention Policy


O365 never was intended to be a complete and all-encompassing backup solution. If data has fallen outside of the standard retention policy periods, O365 may have deleted this forever and recovery can become a real headache.

You can avoid this with a data management service that allows you to set your own retention policies very easily and whose sole purpose is to ensure that your data can be recovered directly back to Office 365, regardless of the state of your live data.


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Address Compliance Issues


Are you confident that when your employees leave the company you can prevent them taking files and potentially private business data with them?


When a user is deleted from Active Directory, whether this is intentionally or otherwise, once the user is outside of retention all their data such as OneDrive and Sharepoint is also deleted.


So what happens if you need that data as part of legal action in months or even years to come?


If you need to retain access data after a user has been removed then it's essential to have a third-party backup provider, not just for potential legal issues that may arise but also for compliance purposes.


Recover Everything in the Event of Deletion


So what happens if a user accidentally or even worse, intentionally deletes or overwrites files?


Recycle bins and version histories in Office 365 provide only limited protection.

If you delete a user, whether you meant to or not, that deletion is replicated across the network. Once an item is purged from the mailbox database, it is unrecoverable. This could have far-reaching effects if a rogue employee decided to delete incriminating emails or files.


O365 provides only limited protection for recycle bins and version histories. Deletions, whether on purpose or accidental are replicated across the network and once an item is purged from the mailbox database, it is unrecoverable. This can have far-reaching effects if an employee makes the decision to delete incriminating emails or files, leaving your business with no evidence against them.


Microsoft’s backup and retention policies can only protect you from data loss up to a certain point, and can’t take the place of third-party data management solutions.


Prevent Delays Due to Data Loss


Loss of data quite simply can mean loss of both time and money to your business. 


Microsoft provides exceptional availability and cannot be expected to focus elsewhere on extended retention or old user data. If your business is solely reliant on Microsoft as a means of backup, utilising Microsoft Support for recovery can be extremely time consuming.


The best way to avoid an issue impacting severely on business continuity is to find a third party that offers streamed, on-demand access to data at a moment’s notice.


Protection Against Ransomware Attacks


Microsoft explicitly states that point-in-time restores of data are not in the scope of the Exchange service. 


So how can businesses protect themselves from ransomware attacks, misconfigured workflows or, third-party app outages or malfunctions?


By regularly backing up your data you will ensure a seperate copy of your uninfected data is always available and that you can quickly recover mailboxes to an instance before the attack.


Your data management provider should be able to offer streamed, on-demand instant access to all your data, keeping your business running no matter what.


Separate Rolls as Security Standard


Companies nowadays require a separation of roles as a security standard.


If your backup solution is the platform itself that this provides a single point of failure. Meaning your data could be lost forever.


There is the potential for anyone with O365 administrator rights to assign themselves full export and search access for Exchange mailboxes, OneDrive locations and Sharepoint folders.

With this comes the ability to delete files, emails and data which without a third-party backup may become irretrievable if outside of Microsoft's retention policy.


Ready for True cloud-to-cloud protection?


With a third-party backup strategy from Redstor you can be confident in business continuity for every eventuality.

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 “Microsoft’s backup and retention policies can only protect you from data loss up to a certain point, and can’t take the place of third-party data management solutions.

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