It's that time of year again where we update you on our change freeze.


We know that the services we provide to you are in peak demand over this period, and we want to give you confidence that they will operate as expected, without interruption.


Please read through the contents of this page to see when and how the change freeze 2021-22 will affect your customers, business and new orders. 

The annual change freeze restricts any non-essential activity on Wavenet services. This means that there will be several services on hold during this period.

direct case study graphics-03If you take:

Connectivity Services from Wavenet
ISP Network Freeze (17/12/21 – 04/01/22)

Wavenet will be operating a network change freeze for our ISP network. During this time only emergency maintenance and change requests for connectivity services will be carried out. Wavenet may perform some work on secondary systems, such as monitoring servers, as long as the works are none customer-affecting. Such works will be communicated as per the usual Planned Works notification process.
Voice Services from Wavenet
Christmas & New Year Diverts (17/12/21 – 04/01/22)

The last business day we can guarantee to apply diverts or time schedule changes to voice services will be Friday 17th December. Further change requests will be best endeavours only. 

Porting Services from Wavenet
Porting Freeze (16/12/21 – 04/01/22)

Wavenet's porting freeze will take place from

Thursday 16th December 2021 to Tuesday 4th January 2022.  We will not be processing any live porting orders between these dates, however, the support team will still be open for order validation and customer queries.
Cloud Hosting Services from Wavenet
Cloud Service Provision Freeze (17/12/21 – 04/01/22)

During this time only standard requests will be processed, no resource changes will be performed for cloud servers.

direct case study graphics-10If you intend on placing new orders for:

TeamsLink Services from Wavenet
TeamsLink Service Provision Freeze (17/12/21 – 04/01/22)

During this time only standard requests will be processed, no changes will be performed for TeamsLink services. 

Voice Services Provisioning Freeze (17/12/21 – 04/01/22)

The final date for new services to go live will be 17/12/21 and normal delivery will resume from 04/01/22.  Whilst provisioning of new orders will not be available during these dates, additional licenses and handsets for existing services will still be available during the seasonal period (subject to stock and delivery).

Lines & Broadband Orders Freeze (17/12/21 – 04/01/22)

Orders placed after 17/12/21 will be placed on a best endeavours basis and normal provisioning will resume on 04/01/22. The last go-live date for lines and broadband orders will be 17/12/2021 and the last date to place orders to achieve this date will be 03/12/21 (subject to no supplier provisioning delays). 
Other Wavenet Services

We will continue to accept all orders during the festive period, however, due to supplier change freezes, lead times may be extended.  Any supplier change freezes will not count towards ‘working days’ for delivery lead times.

Service Assurance will not be impacted during the change freeze.


If you have any questions about the information provided above, please contact your Account Manager.





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