Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) is the new full fibre Internet solution that connects your premise directly to the nearest Ethernet node. This means your business can benefit from speeds up to 1Gb, with fast installation, market-leading SLAs and a much more reliable connection.


Providing unrivalled stability and high bandwidths better suited to the digital demands of both personal and business users when compared to ADSL.


Full-fibre cabling technology is used to transfer data at high speed from the local exchange, directly to your premises. Offering a future-proof solution to the ever-increasing digital demands of modern life.


In an increasingly connectivity-first digital landscape, FTTP is the perfect solution for IP services such as VoIP. 



direct case study graphics-04How much faster is FTTP?


With download speeds of up to 1Gbps compared to standard top ADSL speeds of 512Mbps users experience no connectivity slow down regardless of how many activities they are performing or how many online devices they are using, making it the most reliable broadband technology available.


FTTP does not experience signal loss due to environmental changes or distance. There is no noise interference, no degradation and no loss of performance.




direct case study graphics-09ADSL vs. FTTC vs. FTTP


With full-fibre technology set to rollout across the UK over the next five years, demand is set to increase. Whilst ADSL has supported online connectivity for over two decades it is not without its share of problems, mostly due to reliability issues with copper technology which impacts on the performance of the broadband.


Speed is one of the driving factors of FTTP adoption. ADSL offers a maximum speed of 20Mbps, FTTC sees speeds of up to 80Mbps, FTTP far exceeds both of these with speeds of up to 1Gbps.


By utilising full-fibre technology, FTTP offers much lower latency than other technologies, making it the ideal underlying connectivity solution for the future of voice communications, IP telephony. When relying on copper technology to support your IP voice calls, you are more likely to experience poor quality and dropped calls due to the quality of your connection, whereas reliable, full-fibre broadband will all but eliminate these issues.



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direct case study graphics-01Is FTTP available where I live?


Full-fibre is currently being rolled out across the UK, with a goal of reaching 4.5million premises by March 2021. Although this is a lower availability than FTTC it's important to remember FTTP is the future-proof option with the switch off of the PSTN in 2025. 


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direct case study graphics-03What are the benefits of FTTP?


Ultra Fast Speeds


As we touched on earlier one of the biggest advantages of FTTP is the speed. FTTP boosts what's possible through fibre with speeds of up to 1Gb.

Combined with ultra-low latency that isn't affected by the distance from the exchange you can enjoy a high-speed, uninterrupted connection.


Flexible and Scalable


The multiple options available with FTTP means you can quickly and easily scale your bandwidth to meet the needs of your businesses.


This flexible scalability makes FTTP the perfect solution for growing businesses and those that see seasonal spikes in traffic. 


The PSTN Switch Off


With PSTN set to be switched off in 2025 and the withdrawal of ISDN, which supports traditional broadband services run over copper lines this will have a great effect on all businesses in the UK that currently use traditional broadband or telephony.


Switching to FTTP now gives your business access to the connectivity of the future that is designed to meet our ever-growing bandwidth needs. No signal loss, no degradation and no loss of performance offers your unrivalled connectivity to your customers.


FTTP does not experience signal loss due to environmental changes or distance. There is no noise interference, no degradation and no loss of performance.




Legacy broadband always required a landline connection as it is built on top of the phone line. This can become costly, particularly if you're not using the phone and the connections require regular upkeep due to the copper technology used, meaning an increase in potentially costly downtime for broadband users.


Switching to full-fibre broadband means you no longer rely on WLR to keep you connected. Voice becomes an over the top solution that you only pay for if you are using it, providing a more scalable and agile solution for businesses.


Fast Installation


We aim to get you up and running within just 10 days. Meaning you can take advantage of faster, more reliable connectivity with minimal disruption quicker than ever before.




direct case study graphics-10Who needs FTTP? 


The short answer is everyone. With the PSTN switch off in 2025 traditional broadband will no longer be accessible. FTTP increases business productivity with higher speed more reliant connections. 


Business broadband conjures up images of office buildings, rows of desks and hundreds of employees in front of computers. The reality is that business broadband users very rarely look like this, with many users working remotely particularly with industries such as manufacturing or logistics.


With higher bandwidth, increased reliability and lower latency FTTP will revolutionise connectivity for both residential and businesses alike.




direct case study graphics-06Why Choose Wavenet as your FTTP Provider?


As an ISP, we have over two decades of experience in networking and connectivity for businesses, with more than 100 highly trained and UK-based engineers and long-standing partnerships with all the tier one connectivity suppliers. We are passionate about providing your business the very best solution that meets and often exceeds your needs and work with you to understand your business before suggesting the right solution.




"Our mission is to be the most respected provider of data, voice and technology in the UK."

Our solutions have been evolved over the last two decades to allow us to innovate and provide our customers with the future-proof technology they need to stay ahead of their competition. Broken into four simple groups, our solutions cover all aspects of business communications and technology.
  • Unified Communications & Voice
  • Networking & Connectivity
  • Security & Compliance
  • IT & Technology Services


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