The IoT or Internet of Things, as a concept, has been around for quite some time.


It’s the idea that we can connect everyday objects to the internet so that they can communicate with each other and become smarter.


The potential of the IoT is enormous, but what can businesses do today to take advantage of this nascent technology? Let’s take a look. 


CUSTOMISEImprove Productivity


The ultimate realisation of the internet of things is impressive. Imagine a warehouse where autonomous vehicles deposit goods at the front door, robots unpack them, place them on the appropriate shelf, and then collect them again when a customer order goes through. A system like that would rely heavily on the internet of things to connect all the moving parts: the delivery vehicles, warehouse robots, conveyor belts, and so on. The productivity benefits would be spectacular. You might need just one or two people to oversee a facility which handles thousands of parcels per day. 


But the IoT isn’t something that is far off in the future: it’s making a difference to productivity today. Businesses are using it for a host of tasks, such as installing sensors to monitor equipment and integrating facilities management by informing employees of impending disruptions to workflow. 


PROTECTBetter Customer Service


Customers love being able to track their products as they move through the distribution network. They want to be able to fire up their mobile device and check in on its location, day or night. With the IoT, that’s now possible. Companies could tag each product in the system with a GPS tracker, providing real-time information about the location. 


The IoT will also lead to better production risk management. Businesses can predict issues with their capital equipment before it malfunctions, allowing them to schedule preventive maintenance and continue supplying their customers and clients. 


OBJECT STORAGELower Operating Costs


Connecting equipment to the internet allows companies to start collecting data. The more information they collect, the more that they can analyse the performance of their operations and make tweaks to make things more productive. 


A company using the IoT, for instance, could use sensors to monitor precisely when a particular component requires a power supply and when it doesn’t. The IoT could also help to eliminate unnecessary use of energy in electrical systems. 


SecurityBetter Workplace Safety Management


Despite regulations and improvements in working practices, today’s workplaces are still not entirely safe. Employees remain at risk of machinery, falling objects and other hazards. 


By putting sensors all over the place, the Internet of Things can provide health and safety managers with advanced warning about whether a threat is imminent. 


Many companies are using sensors to monitor workers for signs of exhaustion. If a worker gets tired, they are much more likely to make a mistake which could lead to injury. Sensors provide management with warning, allowing them to intervene. 


Offices and industrial sites are now using smart locks only to allow authorised people into the building remotely. Smart locks selectively keep unauthorised personnel out of particular areas.


The continued expansion of IoT alongside the continued 5G rollout will continue to see advances in business efficiency like never before.


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