It’s well known that there are issues with the delivery of Ethernet lines in the Telecoms industry—some carriers take months to install services.


The solution to this problem may be pre-ethernet - a term that IT professionals have given the Internet connectivity solutions which precede fully-fledged ethernet installation at a new location. 


CUSTOMISEThe Problem With Ethernet


Modern businesses require a connection to the Internet. In today’s IoT-enabled economy, it’s just as vital as water or electricity. But while hooking up the electrics and plumbing is usually pretty quick, installing new ethernet sometimes isn’t. 


It can be 90 days from the time you order your ethernet connection to it finally being installed - too long to wait for any business that has just relocated. When you have customers and staff relying on an Internet connection to do work, no Internet can be a substantial problem. 


PROTECTHow Pre-Ethernet Can Solve The Problem


Pre-ethernet is a solution to this temporary problem. It provides your business with access to the Internet between placing your order with the telecoms company for an ethernet connection and them delivering it. 


Professional pre-ethernet services companies can usually get your Internet at your new premises up and running in under seven days. Pre-ethernet connections use the 4G mobile network instead of the regular broadband infrastructure, hooking your business up to the Internet much faster than you could if you went down the regular route.


Of course, nothing is free. If you choose to go down the pre-ethernet solution, you’ll have to select a data plan, just as you do when you buy a mobile phone. The amount of data you need, however, will be proportional to the Internet usage of your business. You might settle on a plan that provides it with 100 gigabytes if you only need the Internet for checking emails and more if your staff do data-intensive tasks. 


SecurityPre-Ethernet Increases Revenue And Improves Flexibility


If you want an ethernet connection because you’ve moved to a new location, then pre-ethernet can help enormously. With a link to the Internet, you can begin your IT on-boarding much sooner than you otherwise could and start taking remote payments from customers. 


Using pre-ethernet also makes it incredibly easy to kickstart staff training and development at your new location. With access to the Internet, you can dramatically increase your site uptime - the length of time your new location can provide access to the Internet. 


As you can probably see, pre-ethernet offers you enormous benefits. While it might not be quite as fast as full ethernet, it provides you with essential Internet services you can use to connect with customers quicker.


Waiting three months or more for an ethernet connection could cost your business a lot of money. Paying rent on a new site but still having to manage your business from your old premises because the telecoms company hasn’t installed the ethernet cable isn’t ideal. Pre-ethernet lets you skirt around this problem, speeding up your site transition, regardless of how long you have to wait for an ethernet installation.


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