Multi-network SIMs are ideal for any IoT-focused business that wants to implement connectivity on the move.


SIM cards allow you to connect assets via mobile networks to issue instructions, collect data, and manage your operations. 


Multi-network SIMs offer a variety of benefits - take a look at the following: 


webConnect To Any Network


The total area covered by all mobile networks is much larger than that of any single one. By connecting to all networks, multi-network SIMs cut down on the likelihood that a business will be out of touch with its IoT devices. 


There are two different types of multi-network SIMs that you should consider for your network: steered and non-steered. Non-steered SIMs offer connectivity to any network with a signal. If there are two or more networks in range, then they will hook up to the one that provides the best signal until the situation changes. 


Steered SIMs, like non-steered, will connect to any network, but they gravitate to preferred networks, even if the signal from others is better. In general, it’s best to use non-steered SIMs for machine-to-machine communication - you want the best connection strength at all times. 


sharingAccess Your Data Remotely


In the past, if you wanted to gather data on your equipment, you can to go out into the field and collect sensor logs by hand. It was a time-consuming and laborious process. With the IoT, that’s all changed.


The IoT allows your business to collect information from remote sensors without having to go to those sensors and collect local logs. The sensor collects all of the information the company needs and then sends it via mobile internet to the cloud. This automation dramatically cuts down on the costs of collecting data from site and increases the amount of information you can process. 


timeStay Connected While On The Move


Multi-network SIMs connect you and your equipment to the internet even while in motion. SIMs connect wirelessly to the mobile web, providing you with instant connectivity from moving vehicles or while you travel. You can use multi-network SIMs abroad, making them a great way to stay in touch with your business during overseas trips. 


Many firms use multi-network SIMs for GPS tracking. Multi-network SIMs with roaming are ideal for tracking overseas freight, showing management the precise location of cargo anywhere in the world. Signal loss is much rarer than on single-network SIMs. 


man customerAccess Your Devices Remotely


There are all kinds of reasons why you might want to access an IoT device remotely. These include: 


  • Troubleshooting issues remotely
  • Updating software or firmware
  • Providing equipment with new instructions
  • Collecting or transforming data
  • Issuing further instructions to change operational capacity or objectives


Multi-network SIMs make it easy to send and receive data to connected devices from anywhere in the world. Companies can make changes to their IoT capabilities in real-time, as soon as software or instructions become available. Roll-out is not as painful as it used to be in the past. 


So, in summary, multi-network SIMs offer a variety of benefits over single-network SIMs, and make IoT operations seamless. 

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