Many businesses have relied on MPLS, or Multiprotocol Label Switching, as a routing method for their networks.


Whilst MPLS does have its advantages, it may not be the most efficient or budget-friendly option for your company. In fact, many businesses are paying for legacy MPLS networks when more advanced and lower-cost options will deliver increased functionality. 


As many businesses move toward cloud-based solutions and mobile technology, SD-WAN has become the connectivity option of choice. Better suited to both the cloud and mobile tech, SD-WAN is an effective way to future-proof your business and ensure that you’re prepared for whatever the tech industry brings next. 



ROUTERExpand Your Network However You Need To


However, there’s more to SD-WAN than just preparing for the future. A SD-WAN network could improve performance and reduce your costs now, so it’s something your company should certainly be considering. Most suited for businesses with multiple locations, SD-WAN makes it easy to expand a network however you need to. 


Companies with various geographical locations have typically faced high IT costs, as connecting each location relied on traditional provides who set their prices high. With an SD-WAN network, however, you can cut the cost of your IT outgoings and make a significant saving, particularly when compared to traditional WAN networks.



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CUSTOMISEGive Your End-Users the Best Experience


Furthermore, the ability to customise SD-WAN networks has proven to be extremely beneficial for users. Whilst many businesses have paid for costly MPLS networks to handle all of their traffic, an SD-WAN network enables you to use various connectivity options. If you segment traffic into sensitive and non-sensitive, for example, sensitive data can be routed through an MPLS connection, whilst less sensitive data can be routed through a lower-cost connection. 


Similarly, companies may want to use an MPLS connection as their first choice, whilst benefiting from the option of adding an alternative connection at peak traffic times. If you’re launching a popular promotion, for example, or your content goes viral, the ability to scale up immediately ensures that you retain functionality and the end-user gets a great UX. 


In addition to this, SD-WAN systems have the ability to use deep applications data and analytics to self-correct when necessary. This means less downtime for you, fewer IT malfunctions and a more efficient system at all times. With companies utterly reliant on their network to function, it’s vital that your system is reliable and consistent, and an SD-WAN network is just that. 



COSTSReduce Costs With An SD-WAN Network


Increased efficiency and functionality usually comes at a cost, but an SD-WAN network can actually be far cheaper to operate and reduce your costs considerably. With various connectivity options ensuring you meet your security and compliance requirements, and a variety of data storage options also available, you can make use of pioneering tech options to drive your business forward.


Whether you want to switch from block storage to object storage, upgrade to an SD-WAN network and increase the security of your broadband connection, we can help you to find the right solutions for your business. 



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