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Mornflake opened their first-ever mill over 340 years ago in South Cheshire – the place they're still proud to call home today. Ever since, they've been dedicated to helping Britain wake up to a better-quality breakfast each and every morning.


Today, 15 generations later, Mornflake are still independent and just as passionate about providing you with a great-tasting, great-value breakfast using the finest-quality oats.


Dedicated to working alongside their farmers, and more importantly, mother nature. Mornflake are passionate about sustainability with a completely wind powered mill and only 0.01% waste product, they continue to lead the way in lowering carbon emissions.





A legacy system was causing a headache for Morningfoods with call routing issues and WiFi handsets not working correctly, this combined with a poor service level from their system maintainer meant that a new solution was required.


Effective communication between staff and customers is at the heart of the business for Morningfoods. As Morningfoods continued to grow a robust reliable system was of paramount importance and one that removed any concerns about business continuity. 


Alongside the need for reliability was the need for a high-speed network, providing fast and reliable connectivity between offices and manufacturing facilities.


As Morningfoods expansion continues, outsourcing system, maintenance to an experienced company that could provide them 24/7 dedicated support and take the headache and associated costs away from maintaining their system was the challenge Mornflake saw themselves faced with.

The Solution


After speaking to Wavenet several options were provided to Morningfoods to support their business requirements. Initially a Health Check was carried out on site and recommendations were made to reconfigure their legacy system and network to provide some immediate improvements to the connectivity.


As the relationship between Morningfoods and Wavenet continued to grow Wavenet were tasked in providing some significant upgrades to the business infrastructure.


Firstly MPLS and FTTC were installed to provide a high speed network connection across sites.

MPLS networks play a key role in connecting multi-site locations. Combining FTTC and MPLS allows Morningfoods to access a fast and reliable network between it's sites, warehouses and manufacturing plants. Increased bandwidth means networks are not slowed down by large data transfers or public internet traffic.


They offer a cost-effective and secure solution to sharing information between remote workers, partners and offices, as well as ensuring fast, reliable connectivity for real-time applications. Reliability of networks is greatly improved by installation of MPLS, if a link goes down traffic seamlessly reroutes and if an entire site goes down the connection between others will remain fully operational meaning business-critical applications are unaffected.


An upgrade of their legacy system to latest Connect software version, reconfigured inbound call flows and also providing another Mitel Connect system for their sister company HJ Lea which is soon to be incorporated into the Main Morningfoods Connect system further improved functionality across the business.


One of the previous paint points that had been experienced by Morningfoods was the lack of systems support, therefore Wavenet provided both a primary and secondary dedicated engineer. Meaning that dedicated support is always available 24/7.


The overall solutions benefits 4 Telephony sites, 14 MPLS Network sites and 243 users.



The Results


Morningfoods have been able to take advantage of the following results:


Time Saving - High speed networks and advanced call routing save valuable time for both staff and customers.


Reliability - With unrivaled SLA's, dedicated engineers and dedicated account management Morningfoods have a reliable, agile solution. Remote network monitoring alerts both Wavent and Morningfoods IT Team should any issues arise 24/7.


Scalability - MPLS networks are easily scaled to support the needs of a growing business, as more sites are added the network can be increased to meet demand.



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 “Dedicated account managers and unrivalled SLAs are all part of the Wavenet service.

Our solutions have been evolved over the last two decades to allow us to innovate and provide our customers with the future-proof technology they need to stay ahead of their competition. Broken into four simple groups, our solutions cover all aspects of business communications and technology.
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