As businesses start to navigate the operational changes of the ISDN/PSTN switch-off, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is quickly becoming the most popular way to manage voice communications.


Adopting VoIP and SIP trunking allows organisations more options for their communications than traditional telephony solutions.

SIP is also a great way to reduce costs, the initial investment is small with no costly onsite infrastructure or hardware and reductions on phone bills can deliver a quick ROI.

If you're confused about SIP, what it is, what it does, how it works and how it can benefit your business then read on to find out more.



direct case study graphics-04What is SIP Trunking?


SIP Trunking uses IP (Internet Protocol) to enable organisations to place phone calls through an Internet connection. SIP trunking technology requires either an Internet connection or a VoIP supplier who will provide you with the necessary technology to support this. When using SIP, Voice becomes an application on the IP network in the same way email is, negating the need for traditional copper lines.



direct case study graphics-0910 benefits of SIP Trunking


There's a host of benefits associated with moving to SIP. Whilst many organisations are familiar with the cost-saving potential, the benefits are far more than just financial. Here's our top 10;


Cost savings


SIP reduces bill shock and confusion over your monthly voice costs. Switching to a SIP provider means you can look forward to predictable monthly costs. If you are an organisation that makes a high volume of international and long-distance calls SIP will provide significant cost savings.


No costly hardware


SIP trunking requires no additional investment. You can kiss goodbye to costly hardware and the associated maintenance costs. With a SIP provider, adding additional lines or add-on services is as simple as purchasing a handset and scaling your service.


No physical infrastructure


With traditional phone services, expanding your businesses infrastructure was often a challenge. Purchasing new lines often meant a lengthy wait whilst these were installed. Even remote workers required a company mobile to work effectively. With SIP your business can add phone lines by simply connecting handsets to your data connection, wherever they work.


Global potential


SIP supports your organisations need for growth across multiple geographic locations. By combining your data and voice into a single network all of your geographic locations and remote workers can be consolidated. SIP's agile scalability allows your business to benefit from extreme flexibility as you onboard new remote workers or open new geographical sites.


Network consolidation


A lot of organisations pay for data and voice services separately, particularly when traditional telephony solutions are still in use. SIP enables businesses to move their voice and data into a single network, handling voice calls as data transmission.


Remote working


SIP allows your organisation to connect your employee's mobile devices via flexible, user-friendly VoIP apps that are securely and easily installed. Allowing your remote workers to remain connected to your on-prem communication systems and fully reachable via a dedicated business line in the same way as office-based employees.


Immediate ROI


Most investments in technology don't show a return on investment for any years. SIP is a well-established technology and it's minimal upfront costs, no maintenance fees and scalability mean many organisations who make the switch see an ROI from their very first monthly bill.


Unified Communications


SIP can act as a gateway towards UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service). If your SIP provider offers a full suite of UC tools, your business can unlock the benefits of IP-based communications.




One of the biggest benefits of SIP is the enhanced reliability. Traditional phone lines can be subject to interruption due to the weather, a telegraph pole being damaged or line degradation. With SIP you get a solution that is not subjected to these issues. Some suppliers will even offer mobile failovers to further enhance the reliability of your service.


Simple management


SIP is easy to install and even easier to manage. Easy-to-use admin portals mean that performing actions such as call routing, changing extensions or adding and removing lines no longer requires a call to your provider.



direct case study graphics-02Is SIP Trunking the right choice for me?


As discussed above SIP provides some great benefits such as cost savings, flexibility and reliability but no two businesses are the same. Whilst there are very few downsides to SIP it does require sufficient bandwidth in order to work properly.

SIP is the right choice for businesses who are ready to reap the benefits of IP based telephony and move their communications to the cloud. It's also the perfect solution for businesses who need clear visibility of their voice and data spends.




direct case study graphics-03Why switch now?


With PSTN set to be switched off in 2025 and the withdrawal of ISDN, which supports traditional broadband services run over copper lines this will have a great effect on all businesses in the UK that currently use traditional broadband or telephony.


Switching to SIP now gives your organisation chance to take advantage of all the benefits SIP has to offer ahead of the switch-off.




direct case study graphics-06Why Choose Wavenet as your SIP Provider?


With over two decades of experience in networking and connectivity for businesses, and with more than 100 highly trained and UK-based engineers, we are passionate about providing your business the very best solution that meets and often exceeds your needs. Working with you to understand your business before suggesting the right solution.




"Our mission is to be the most respected provider of data, voice and technology in the UK."

Our solutions have been evolved over the last two decades to allow us to innovate and provide our customers with the future-proof technology they need to stay ahead of their competition. Broken into four simple groups, our solutions cover all aspects of business communications and technology.
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