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Microsoft Teams Icon 1Digital Transformation.


Whether it’s to improve productivity, drive customer service or purely gain a competitive edge, most companies are adopting some form of digital transformation. Digital transformation is critical for growth and business development.
Whether the aim is to improve social media presence, their web footprint and SEO, or to collaborate and communicate more effectively as a team, forward-thinking organisations have digital transformation at the heart of their business strategy.

Microsoft Teams Icon 2Employee Adoption.

However, considering how your employees will adopt this new technology must remain a key focus. Anyone who has undergone a new system implementation or the addition of new technology into the workplace knows just how critical it is to have your employees and end-users on side. The new system may have the most impressive list of features all guaranteeing to improve your business in terms of efficiency and cost, but if your employees find it difficult to use, your new addition may be doomed from the start.


Microsoft Teams Icon 3The Leading Collaboration Solution.


Microsoft Teams, as one of the leading collaboration software tools, brings together both video conferencing, voice dialling and instant messaging all in one user-friendly interface. Microsoft Teams is available as both a desktop application and an app meaning users can utilise the technology wherever they are.
Microsoft Teams can be used as a core tool to drive digital transformation as part of a modern workplace strategy. The integration of communication software alongside file sharing, task planning and meetings allows for a truly mobile workplace. Users can continue to work as part of a team regardless of their geographic locations.
With many businesses already familiar with Office 365, the implementation of Microsoft Teams is seamless. With basic Microsoft Teams elements available for free with their current Office 365 subscription e.g. Instant Messaging and more advanced options available with a simple upgrade Microsoft Teams is the obvious choice in moving to a digital workplace.


Microsoft Teams Icon 4How Wavenet Can Help.


Wavenet and Microsoft Teams will give you the power to boost your business into a high-performing, collaborative team and even brings external calling to Teams.


With Microsoft Teams you can share files and collaborate on working documents in real-time and with instant messaging built directly into the platform, you’ll be able to stay in contact with your office no matter where you are. Wavenet can also provide external calling to Microsoft Teams, bringing your experience to the next level.


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