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The way businesses purchase IT and software services has changed. With the onset of Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud, there is a move away from traditional purchasing models towards a more flexible subscription-based model such as ITaaS.


ITaaS (IT as a Service) has numerous benefits for businesses, access to the latest technologies, security built-in, fixed costs and SLA's all make ITaaS a very viable option for most types of business.

ITaaS offers a turnkey IT solution with 24/7 support and maintenance, licensing and the latest security controls. providing a predictable monthly subscription charge. The solution can be delivered from your office environment, datacentre or cloud environment. ITaaS can also include DaaS (Desktop as a Service).

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It could be argued that the most crucial part of an IT service agreement is The Service Desk. As the primary point of contact for your users, the availability of your service desk should be a consideration. This is where your users will log technical faults, application queries and similar issues. For organisations with existing in-house IT teams, service desks can help to handline first-line calls or act as second-line escalation points for more complex queries.

Whilst traditional working hours of 9 -5 are still a consideration when choosing service desk levels it's also important to remember that remote working and global business models play a role.

Employees working remotely often respond to emails outside of traditional working hours, having no access to these emails for a weekend can pose a real threat to businesses.

If your business operates globally your customers operate in different time zones, meaning your business is already operating 24/7

For many businesses staffing an internal IT team, 24/7/365 is neither practical from an organisation or budget perspective.

direct case study graphics-08Pro-Active Monitoring

Pro-Active monitoring is an invaluable asset to businesses, aiming to identify the symptoms of a fault or issue before it develops. Monitoring platforms track utilisation, undertake trend analysis and provide health metrics. Monitoring significantly reduces costly downtime and in the event of a potential fault being identified, it will substantially lower the time to repair.

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Your ITaaS contract will be underpinned by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which will outline response times and other metrics relating to the service. Making sure the SLA parameters align with the demands of your business is important. For instance, do you require an immediate response or can you wait 4 hours?

Your SLA will include detail of response times, fault prioritisation and time to fix. Take the time to understand the scope of your SLA and what it does and doesn't include to ensure they reflect the needs of your business.

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Maintaining up to date systems is vital for security and reliability. With patch management, your business can gain access to the latest security fixes, performance enhancements and features. The annual Verizon data breach report found that more than 70% of all cyber-attacks exploit known vulnerabilities within systems. Keeping your security updated keeps you safe.

direct case study graphics-05Subscription-Based

One of the main things that sets ITaaS apart from traditional IT service delivery models is that the whole solution is offered on a monthly subscription basis.

What you pay depends on a few factors, such as the number of users and services provided but your monthly spend does not fluctuate giving you full visibility of costs and a predictable monthly spend.

Another huge benefit of this subscription-based model is that you can easily flex and change the subscription to fit the needs of your business.

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Many ITaaS solutions include self-service portals, allowing users to open support tickets, easily access user guides, find knowledge-based articles and check FAQ's all without needing to involve your IT department.

Automated systems significantly decrease the time it takes to resolve faults and also ensures a consistent means of reporting faults which can be essential for addressing ongoing issues that may have developed. IP support tickets can be used to trigger internal workflows, automate escalation processes and provide powerful reports. A portal will also allow you to submit administration requests such as user changes, password resets or permission changes.

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Many ITaaS solutions also include software subscriptions. The setup, billing and support of these are included within the ITaaS agreement meaning all areas of the subscription are covered.

Software subscriptions mean that your team always have access to the most up to date versions of software such as Microsoft Office 365.

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With increases in ransomware and malware attacks, keeping your employees and data safe is one of the biggest challenges faced by business of all sizes.

Managed Security provides business with complete peace of mind, in addition to supporting your IT infrastructure ITaaS can also safeguard your network, systems and end-users from cybersecurity threats. Whether this is via 2FA, managed firewalls or endpoint protection.



Why Wavenet?

Switching to ITaaS provides numerous benefits to businesses as shown, providing your business with a fully scalable means of accessing the latest software, security and services all for one flat monthly cost.

Providing unlimited and comprehensive IT support services, specifically designed to meet your unique requirements. Our fully managed IT support services will maintain and manage your IT infrastructure while supporting your staff and teams.


Effective IT systems are crucial to your business success. Ongoing IT support turns your IT infrastructure into a valuable asset rather than a necessary evil.


We’ll take complete responsibility of your technology providing a comprehensive level of support.

Working with our expert teams we can give advice, help with troubleshooting and resolve complex IT problems through to resolution. We provide fully managed IT support that gives you the freedom to concentrate on building your business.



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