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Leading property management company, Highdorn Co Ltd are part of the Freshwater Group of Companies.

Highdorn is a property management company, which undertakes a full range of property management services for the majority of the UK portfolio of which Daejan Holdings PLC is one.

The Head office is based in the West End of London, with offices in other parts of London, Croydon and an office in the West Midlands.

The portfolio ranges from Industrial and retail to residential. The residential and commercial portfolios are countrywide, with a focus on London for residential. There Is also a significant portfolio In New York and Florida.




A legacy system combined with outdated software left Highdorn frustrated over the systems capabilities, to make matters worse the support from the software supplier was non-existent with no resourcing help or staff-expertise to enable them to utilise the existing tech.


With their existing MPLS with Wavenet, Highdorn were looking for a complete solution all with one supplier meaning there was just one point of contact for all communications whether this is for billing, support or service queries.


With over 200 staff it was essential the solution provided the necessary functionality and reliability for Highdorn with the ability to scale confidently and cost-effectively as the needs of the business grow. An emphasis was also placed on the need for a knowledgeable and experienced team who could support them with new emerging technologies to continue to give them the competitive edge.


The Solution


As a Wavenet customer for many years, Highdorn reached out to their Account Manager Stephen Harrison to discuss their requirements and gain a better understanding of the solutions Wavenet could offer.


Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) along with a Hosted Voice option was the chosen solution. Giving Highdorn peace of mind that their business needs would be taken care off, from sourcing new technologies to maintenance and more importantly, delivering significant cost savings.


IaaS from Wavenet helps businesses to connect and scale confidently and cost-effectively. Whether its simple access to shared/dedicated virtual resources, or end-to-end managed services Highdorn can scale their services to match business needs.


With cloud adoption rates continuing to grow in the UK this also gave Highdorn the added benefit of a reliable and resilient remote working solution, one which has proven to be valuable throughout the pandemic allowing Highdorn's staff to work as efficiently and effectively as when they are in the office.



The Results


Highdorn has enjoyed many benefits from moving to a new streamlined solution, allowing them to take full advantage of remote working capabilities and reduced CAPEX.

Time-Saving: Maintenance, provisioning of new hardware and keeping abreast of emerging technologies is managed by Wavenet saving valuable time.

Reliability: With 24/7/365 support from Wavenet, Highdorn can take advantage of a reliable service.

Usability: Company-wide adoption of Teams has provided a robust solution for communication and collaboration both internally and externally. With Teams providing a user-friendly interface that requires little to no training this has proved particularly beneficial for home working.

Remote Working Capabilities: Cloud solutions allow Highdorn to work from anywhere, anytime as easily as when they are in the office.


Cost Savings: No expensive onsite technology reduces CAPEX.


"Management of the project from start to finish was flawless. Our account manager listened to our needs and provided a bespoke solution that benefited the business as a whole, reducing CAPEX and providing us with a scalable, agile solution" - Steven Huntington, Chief Technology Officer, Highdorn



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 “Weekly project meetings with key players kept us fully up to date of project progress

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