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Technology has played a significant role in the world of business for several years, but the evolution of AI machine learning has completely changed the working environment forever – not least in regards to staff training and employee development.


Machine learning enables AI systems to scientifically examine algorithms and statistical data to autonomously develop new tasks. This can support improvements in many settings, particularly the cloud contact centre. Here’s how machine learning actively supports employee development.


WinnerPersonalised training journeys


If 100 staff members complete a training program, there will be a huge contrast in which skills individuals naturally possess and which skills those same individuals require help with. As such, forcing them to follow an identical learning pathway seems very outdated.


Machine learning can adapt training modules and programs to the individual, ensuring that they receive the right support in the right areas to ensure that the maximum gains are realised. This inevitably enhances the team on both a collective and individual level.


Through machine learning, training modules evolve so that different employees within the contact centre environment are trained in their specific roles.


Gaming-1Skills retention


Learning is only valuable when the knowledge and skills are retained and can be called upon when needed. The idea of learning simply to pass an exam or gain a qualification should end at school. As an employer, you need to know that the training actually serves its purpose. ML does it in style.


Machine learning and AI utilise pattern building to reinforce the information and lessons taught by training programs. This can manifest through many different ways ranging from using VR scenarios to incorporating the patterns into daily work.


Skill retention and pattern development ensure that the workforce is successfully upskilled in a way that unlocks the full potential of new talents, and is built to last.


OmnichannelOngoing development


Skill development in the modern business arena shouldn’t end with the training courses themselves. Thanks to machine learning, it doesn’t have to. The advanced systems continue to evolve over time, pushing employees to even greater things while also adapting to new business developments.


Ongoing development builds upon the platform the initial training has established while also keeping employees engaged. In truth, the motivation levels are as important as the skills, which is another reason to invest in machine learning right away.


The threat of your team falling behind due to technological advancements can be a thing of the past because they’ll constantly develop their talents even without dedicated training.


moneyImprove spending


The significance of employee training and development is huge, but every company has financial limitations to respect. Therefore, tracking the Return on Investment of anything related to training and skills upgrades is essential. Machine learning does this very well and actively boosts ROIs.


AI’s ability to understand and extrapolate key findings from big data should not be ignored. Machine learning analyses the data so that you can see the ROI for each employee and, crucially, implement any changes to enhance the workforce. This includes human ideas like mentioning.


Machine learning is here to stay, and companies need to invest in it ASAP. Do it in the realm of employee development and the benefits will be huge.


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Wavenet simplifies call centre operations using technologies that seamlessly integrate with existing IT infrastructure, deploying them reliably across multiple locations. From entry level applications, to multi-agent, multi-media cloud-based solutions, we can help.

Wavenet partners with best in breed solutions providers, Mitel, Five9 and Cisco to deliver the future of Cloud Contact Centres.

Whether you have a small contact centre with a few agents or a large, multisite centre in need of multimedia capabilities, Wavenet can provide you with a contact centre solution helping you help streamline business operations and boost customer satisfaction.



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