Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is changing the world of business as we know it.


The implementation of the latest technologies can completely transform the performance of key business setting with the modern cloud contact centre being one of the greatest beneficiaries.


This is particularly noticeable in relation to the user experience UX. Here are five examples of how AI boosts the contact centre.


cloud contact centreCapturing Customer Data


Analytics play an important role in modern business as companies look to gain an edge by providing personalised customer experiences. AI voice agents and chat bots collect data from customer interactions, which can then be stored and used to enhance further interactions. From optimising the contact centre experience by analysing large data sets to providing human agents with added insight into past correspondences, the rewards are huge as they can provide far greater consistency.


Contact Centre agentAutomating Responses


When a customer contacts the centre via any channel, they need to know that their issue is being dealt with in the correct fashion. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and other forms of AI will accurately determine the nature of the issue before sending the appropriate email, text, or voice response to the user. The simple recognition and confirmation that the team will find an answer can have a huge impact on their emotional responses. AI can even input unique data relating to the individual case.


IntegrationWebsite Navigation


Modern business websites are far more than a marketing tool or calling card, and can provide users with a host of helpful information. This data and support can reduce the strain on contact centre staff, but only if users actively know how to find the right data. Virtual assistants can support users by navigating them to the right part of the website for their query. Meanwhile, AI also boasts the ability to use machine learning to support users with ongoing IT processes such as changing their security info.


ScalabilityPredicting Customer Behaviour


Unlike algorithms, which simply incorporate preset rules, AI learns in an autonomous way. As such, it can become capable of using big data to understand how audiences respond to various aspects of the contact centre experience. This can range from knowing which paths visitors from different locations or device types will follow, to predicting the most likely outcomes from those paths. When used correctly, this info can help employees and technology provide faster support to produce a far better CX.


contact optionsIdentifying Call Types


AI is ultimately used to enhance the interactions with human agents within the call centre. As such, one of the smartest uses of AI revolves around simply knowing the type of a call request before sending them to the right channel. Being moved around different departments is the most frustrating outcome for any user. AI supports customers in their bid to get clear answers in the fastest time. Whatever the issue might be, this outcome can only have a positive impact for user and company alike.


AI is truly changing the face of modern business, especially in regards to customer relations and UXs. Now is the time to jump on board.


Why Wavenet?


Your business is unique. You face unique problems which require unique fixes.

As an integral part of an organisation you need Contact Centre solutions that combine disciplines, streamline services and enable your business to be brilliant.


Wavenet simplifies call centre operations using technologies that seamlessly integrate with existing IT infrastructure, deploying them reliably across multiple locations. From entry level applications, to multi-agent, multi-media cloud-based solutions, we can help.


Wavenet partners with best in breed solutions providers, Mitel, Five9 and Cisco to deliver the future of Cloud Contact Centres.


Whether you have a small contact centre with a few agents or a large, multisite centre in need of multimedia capabilities, Wavenet can provide you with a contact centre solution helping you help streamline business operations and boost customer satisfaction.

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