Redstor may be a company that you have never heard of before. If you have, you may only know it in the capacity of providing back-up services. While this is one string that the company has to its bow, it offers much more than this. The company is challenging everything that you need to know about backup, recovery, and indeed data management. With that being said, below, we are going to reveal more about data in the current climate and the services that Redstor providers. 


pen cogData management today


There have been lots of statistics regarding data management in the current climate. One of the most interesting statistics that a lot of people seem to be using is the fact that we have produced more data in the past two years than we have ever produced. It is fair to say that this timeframe is getting shorter and shorter all of the time. This statistic alone shows why there is a need to have an effective method and solution for data storage and management. After all, there is no time to wait in the current climate. When business owners and employees want data, they want it now. There needs to be a solution that delivers that while also ensuring that data remains secured too. 


Data management as a term refers to the collection, keeping, and use of data in a cost-effective, efficient, and secure manner. The goal of data management is to ensure that organisations, people, and connected things optimise their use of data within the bounds of regulation and policy so that they are able to come to intelligent decisions and take the right actions in order to maximise the benefits to their company. There is no denying that a robust data management strategy is more critical to companies than it ever has been. 


There are a number of different tasks, practices, procedures, and policies that are needed to manage data in a company today. Data management covers many different elements. This includes archiving and destroying data in accordance with compliance requirements and retention schedules. It also includes creating, accessing, and updating data across a diverse data tier. Aside from this, there is a need to make certain of security and privacy when it comes to data, as well as using data in a growing number of algorithms, analytics, and apps. Data management also involves supplying high availability and disaster recovery, as well as storing data across a number of clouds on-premises. It is an extensive task, to say the least. 


peopleIntroducing Redstor


As you can probably tell by looking at the sheer wealth of the different tasks, policies, procedures, and processes that are in place, securing and controlling data is a mammoth challenge for organisations today. Businesses can no longer rely on human interventions and old school tape backups when you consider the rate at which data is growing and, indeed, the many risks to data today. Outdated methods mean that the loss of data could bring an entire company to its knees. It can take weeks or even months for normal business operations to resume. In fact, there have even been some businesses that have had to shut down indefinitely because of a data breach. 


So, why does Redstor matter and what makes them different? Redstor is disrupting the industry. The company is challenging everything that you know about recovery and backup. They provide a complete data management solution. This means that you have archiving, disaster recovery, and backup under the one solution. This means you have everything you need to protect, manage, and recover your data from a single solution. You can do this with complete ease in a matter of just minutes. 


So, let’s take a look at the three main elements in further depth…


  • Back-up - There is no denying that you are putting your business at a massive risk if you do not back up our data. With Redstor, you are going to be able to select the folders and the files you wish to backup and how often you do so. Your files and folders will then be silently backed up in the background based on the schedule that you have selected. The backups are stored off-site in a data centre that is secured. For additional security, they are also mirrored to a secondary datacentre. Restoring your files is also easy and this is because of the pioneering InstantData technology that has been developed by the company. This means that you simply select the backup you want to restore. Your actions prioritise the restoration. This means that if you need something to be available now, you can prioritise it to be restored first. Then, everything else can be restored in the background. This ensures that downtime is minimised as much as possible at your business, enabling you to continue with as little disruption as possible to your usual working routine. 
  • Disaster recovery - Next, we have disaster recovery. To make sure that you have an efficient recovery if you face any sort of disaster, Redstor backs up data from both individual machines and the server. This includes files, configurations, settings, and everything else. This is all done with minimal disruption to your business. There are two stages involved when it comes to a full system recovery. The first is the restoration of enough so that your server can be booted. After this, InstantData is used to recover everything else. This means that once your system has been booted, all of the files you need to access as soon as possible are going to be restored first. Again, this ensures that there is minimal downtime and interruption so that the impact of the disaster in question is minimised as much as possible at your business.
  • Archiving - The third piece of the puzzle when it comes to the data management solution that is provided by Redstor is archiving. Stagnant yet critical data makes for a lot of the valuable disk space on your server or laptop. If you archive this, it enables you to lower your storage amounts. This means that you are going to be able to store more data overall. When you consider how much data we are producing in the current day and age, it is not difficult to see the benefits that are associated with this. When you choose the files that you want to archive, a stub file will replace them. This file behaves just like the other file would have. It even looks the same. However, the difference is that it is a fraction of the size. Whenever you want to access the archived file, all you need to do is click on the stub file. When you do this it will instantly rehydrate. This is an incredibly efficient way of making the most of the storage capabilities of your system. This is going to present economical benefits in the long run too. This is because you will not need to add an additional disk array to your server or increase the capacity on your local machine. If you have already made the switch to the Cloud, your monthly costs will be lowered considerably because you are not going to have to pay more money for dormant data to be stored.


Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of what Redstor is and the benefits that are associated with it. This is a platform that is incredibly secure as well. Data is encrypted at every point. This means at source, as well as while in transit and at the data centres that Redstor has. Every backup account will have a secure encryption key. Your encryption key is the only thing that will make the data accessible. This means that not even your staff will have access to the data. Administrators also will no longer need to worry about the management of siloed data because they have a single centralised data management solution. 


All things considered, we hope that you now have a better understanding of what Redstor does and why it is important to know about this company today. For most organisations and businesses, there is no denying that controlling and securing data is a monumental challenge. This challenge is only made bigger when you consider that data is growing at an exponential rate. However, with Redstor’s unique approach to this, you have a solution that can help you to manage, protect, and recover your data with ease. This is the future of data management.


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