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TRB is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Japanese multi-national Tokai Rika Company. Occupying a 15,500ft2 site in St Asaph, North Wales, TRB has been established as the group's first assembly plant in Europe dedicated to supplying the highest quality automotive switch products to Europe's front line vehicle manufacturers.






Previously TRB had been using an on-premise Avaya system. Whilst this was suitable for the basics needed within the company it did not allow TRB to reach their full potential.

The system was solely based around desk phones which meant when users were away from their desks, important calls were often missed and with many members of the team working from various locations, the system was unable to support the new working environment of TRB.

With the pandemic further highlighting the need for a flexible telephony system that could cope with the demands of remote and hybrid working it was becoming increasingly apparent that TRB needed a solution that could better support their needs.


The Solution


After discussing the limitations of the current system with the team at Wavenet initially a VoIP solution was deployed. This allowed the team at TRB to use both their desk phones and mobile phones when away from their desks.

As the team recognised the advantage of being able to work away from their desks TRB made the decision to further their solution with the Horizon app. This is installed on users Smart Phones allowing extra features from the mobile app whilst keeping calling costs low due to internal and external calls made over the Internet.

The new flexible solution means the members of TRB are able to work effectively whether at their desks or remotely and ensures no important calls go unanswered.



The Results


Through our work together TRB has been able to take advantage of the following benefits:

Reliability: With unrivalled SLA's, TRB can be confident in its system and support.


Cost Saving: Switching to a Hosted telephony solution provides significant cost savings to the team as calls are conducted over the internet.

Time-Saving: With a dedicated account manager and one point of contact, making changes or getting support is quick and easy.


Remote Working Capabilities: A hosted solution means the team at TRB can work with ease from anywhere, with mobiles apps further enhancing their capabilities.


Wavenet has been great from the start, our old system had issues and whilst we did have a date planned to change to the Wavenet system, they were happy to assist in bringing that date forward so that we were not left without a phone system when the old system broke. Whenever we have had issues we were able to get assistance straight away, with follow up emails to make sure everything is working.” - Phil Cheers, IT and Finance Administrator, TRB Ltd


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 “The Wavenet Support team are always accessible, tickets provided and it is not unusual for your problem to be solved in entirety within 20 minutes - fantastic. More complex needs are always responded to with regular updates on progress.

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