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Restons Solicitors is a long-established law firm providing a complete range of volume debt recovery services to the regulated sector including lenders, financial institutions and utility companies. They are unlike their competitors due to their extensive use of technology and customer-focused processes encompassing their stance to Treat Customers Fairly.


Operating under strict compliance regulations, they have numerous strategies in place and tailor their messaging to the individual circumstances of the customers. Before taking on any new placements all files are scored to determine their likelihood of success and their value to the client. They combine technology, data and legal expertise to help their clients create more value with assured results, leading to stronger returns on their debt portfolios and faster recovery of previously non-performing customers.





The incumbent telephony system was causing issues for the team at Restons, as an on-premise solution, it required manual updates and upgrades in order for the latest features to be utilised. Whenever an upgrade was required, Restons experienced downtime, something that can have a significant impact on customer relationships.


With the increase in remote working and the need to access the system remotely, it was evident that this system was no longer viable and a more modernised system capable of the demands of a hybrid workplace was required.


The new phone system also needed to provide features such as call quality management, speech analytics, call routing options and the ability for the team at Restons to implement basic changes themselves to aid in business continuity.


The Solution


Working alongside Restons’ preferred specialist data company, ResX, the team at Wavenet provided a cloud-based telephony system that would give Restons the flexibility and scalability they required.


ResX provides bespoke data mining and automation services with a focus on providing their customers information that fuels efficiency in a compliant manner. Through integration, ResX works with their clients to gain a deeper understanding of their existing data, turning it into valuable information and allowing them to maximise profits whilst reducing costs.


As part of this partnership, the new telephony solution needed to reflect the values of ResX and with a modernised and more flexible solution, significant cost savings were able to be made. Alongside the immediate benefits of reduced operating costs and a self-managed solution, the new system also provides greater scope for upgrades and upscaling, providing Restons with a future-proof solution as the business continues to grow.


ResX developed a bespoke CRM system for Restons, working alongside Wavenet the new telephony system is now fully integrated into this, meaning the team at Restons have client information at their fingertips, allowing them to provide a faster, more efficient service to everyone they deal with.



The Results


Through our work together, Restons been able to take advantage of the following results:


Reliability: Cloud-based telephony provides a reliable and robust solution, with the ability to easily make and receive calls from wherever they are working.


Usability: A cloud-based system provides a simple, user-friendly solution that the whole team will find easy to use. 


Cost Saving: Cloud-based telephony provides a fully scalable solution without the need for expensive onsite equipment or costly engineer visits.

Time-Saving: With no complicated maintenance and simple management, the new system provides time-saving for both the IT Manager in terms of managing the system but also for end-users as all communications are kept in one system.



“Working with Wavenet was a positive experience. They listened to our requirements and were able to rectify any problems quickly. - IT Manager, Restons Solicitors


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 “A Cloud based solution with the ability to scale up with the business provides us with the opportunity to add new technologies as they become available.

Our solutions have been evolved over the last two decades to allow us to innovate and provide our customers with the future-proof technology they need to stay ahead of their competition. Broken into four simple groups, our solutions cover all aspects of business communications and technology.
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