About Molinare


Molinare has been involved in post-production since 1973, and as post-production has evolved so too has the company. 


Molinare has been one of the leading post-production facilities for film for 45 years. Supporting both independent and fully financed studio pictures, they are proud to have delivered a wide range of award-winning features to frontline studios and online streaming services.


Molinare has always been at the forefront of technological and workflow efficiencies, and they pair that with having the best creative, technical, and managerial staff looking after their clients’ needs.




An ageing system was causing issues for Molinare due to its lack of functionality and increasing costs. The existing telephony system they were using was also no longer supported due to its age.


The system lacked even basic remote connectivity meaning that the team could not effectively remote work and instead had to rely on their digital handsets with limited flexibility. A complex and often unusable receptionist console further added to the headache.


As a progressive company, Molinare needed a system that better supported their needs, providing them with the flexibility and agility to work from anywhere and provide their 200+ staff with a reliable and resilient system.


The Solution

After speaking to Wavenet, the perfect solution, Avaya IP Office was identified. Ticking all the requirements that Molinare had of a new system.


As the new solution is cloud-based this allowed Molinare to simplify their communications, bringing their meetings, calls and chats all into one streamlined platform with the ability to work from anywhere.


The new system also provided the team with effortless mobile functionality through the use of feature-rich apps designed to allow them to collaborate and communicate as effectively as when they are in the offices.


With the new system, Molinare has a robust and reliable system that has the scalability to grow alongside their business, providing their team with a future-proof system to meet the changing needs of their business.


The Results


Through our work together Molinare has been able to take advantage of the following benefits:


Savings: Both in cost and time have been experienced by Molinare since the new solution has been implemented. The addition of SIP all-inclusive calls has further reduced costs.


Remote working capabilities: Remote working is now a viable option for all at Molinare, providing them with the necessary flexibility to work effectively from wherever they are.


UC: Bringing all of Molinares communications into one platform helps the team remain streamlined and able to collaborate and communicate effortlessly.


Usability: With no complicated tech or onsite engineer visits, Molinare has a simple to use and easily scalable solution which they can administer themselves.


The experience of working with Wavenet was really positive. There was great communication between the account manager, project manager and technical guys to implement and deliver our solution on time and on budget. - Bhavesh Shah, Head of Corporate IT, Molinare


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 “Our account manager was excellent. There was great communication from beginning to the end. We over came all hurdles and he was able to find and implement solutions tailored to our needs.

Our solutions have been evolved over the last two decades to allow us to innovate and provide our customers with the future-proof technology they need to stay ahead of their competition. Broken into four simple groups, our solutions cover all aspects of business communications and technology.
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