When most people hear the phrase "artificial intelligence," it's likely that they're thinking about aliens and science fiction.


For professionals in IT, they know it's more about how automation and innovation is affecting our everyday lives. Whether you think about self-driving cars or the purchasing experience itself, more and more companies are sitting up and taking notice of the benefits of artificial intelligence - especially where the customer experience is concerned.


Artificial intelligence has always seemed rather mysterious, but at its bare bones, artificial intelligence is a computer system that can do things that would typically need human intelligence to control it. Like those self-driving cars we mentioned earlier: usually, driving requires a person!



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Companies across the world are implementing as many automated systems that are possible to both further the business and improve the customer experience exponentially. Consumers are living in a world where instant gratification is necessary. They want faster loading websites, they want to be able to contact a business quickly with a timely response, and they want immediate access to services. If a company can offer that kind of fast response to their audience, they're going to be bigger and better than their competition. Here are some of the ways that companies use artificial intelligence to improve the customer experience.



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A chatbot is a computer program that will simulate a conversation with users in the same way a human would. Facebook is big on chatbots right now, and they're there to answer questions and recommend products, engage fans, and can even be used as a way to triage medical problems. When a business uses chatbots, they can to deal with issues that are easily fixed without the need to use a human support base. People get their answers outside of business hours and can have a more positive experience with a brand.



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Call centres and contact centres are using agent assistance to automate routine interaction with customers, which provides an excellent way to help customers to resolve their own issues without the need for human contact just yet. Self-service is big today, and when a business uses artificial intelligence to engage with their customers, they offer personal and active service while giving themselves a more competitive edge.



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The process of data mining is one that many companies are getting involved in to gather information about their customers. Data aggregation is a type of information mining that will collect the right information for a business so that they can target their customers. Healthcare is one area this is happening, and personalised medicine is becoming more popular. Artificial intelligence is not something that is limited to the data on a spreadsheet. It can cross-reference medical data and find the right solution much faster than humans can.


There will always be a need for a human element in a business, but it's the personalised experience that artificial intelligence can give that provides better interaction with your customers.

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