Why switch ISP when you can become an ISP?

We get it! Why would you switch your connectivity provider just to save a few pounds? Wavenet go the extra mile, consolidate your connections and take back control of your broadband service by becoming a Virtual ISP.


  • Consolidate your broadband connections via your own multi-network realm
  • One price point for simple tariff and margin analysis
  • Keep operations efficient with one intuitive portal for simple staff on-boarding and management
  • Cost savings, save on the cost of the service, the cost to manage it and the cost of future investment
  • Dedicated IP range
  • Your own realm
  • Fully managed migration, our Migration Masters will manage the prices for you


Real-Time Toolbox

Compare prices and availability of all
major carriers at the touch of a button.

Our real-time Toolbox gives you unrivalled access to all the leading solutions in Connectivity, Hosted Voice and Security.
With just one, intuitive portal you can manage all aspects of business development and fulfilment.

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Take control of your network and lose the headache of running it


Retain commercial and operational autonomy and become a Virtual ISP. Fully managed migration makes the switch easy so you can focus on your growth rather than just managing your asset.




Antony Black
Director of Wholesale

“Unless there is a retail route to market margins are tight and as the complexity of the network grows it becomes harder to identify how much money you are making per tail sold and in no time, you need to upgrade.


Someone once described upgrading their network as being like buying a taxi, you have to get the car before you even take your first fare. It is like this with a broadband network. Upgrading involves capital expenditure and the profitability from this product suffers a blow until trading level increase to the value of the investment and only then will it become worthwhile in terms of margin.

Investing in a Virtual ISP engagement means you don’t have to worry about cancelling out your growth every time you want to build in more network capacity. Your realm can flex as required, this means there is no investment form you until you have the business to warrant it."




Become an ISP today.

Our Migration Masters will manage the switch for you.

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