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If you can't go to Kilimanjaro....

By : Elliot Dacosta / 26 September, 2017 /

...then you bring Kilimanjaro to you!

If you haven’t seen already, Phil Charlick decided to undertake the momentous feat of climbing 40.5 miles up Kilimanjaro and battling the altitude in order to raise money for MDUK. MDUK is a charity incredibly close to Phil, and Solar’s, heart as they have been a great help to the Charlick family during some difficult times. As a result, Phil is attempting to raise £10k for the charity and you can sponsor him here:

By now Phil should be begining his decent back to earth and will be in need of some well deserved rest, however now it's the rest of the company's turn....

To help Phil reach his target, and to show our support from the rest of the Solar family we are going to attempt to bring Kilimanjaro to our Salford and Chippenham offices October 6th. Of course bringing the teams over to Africa is somewhat unfeasible, furthermore without training I don’t think the majority of us stand any chance of making it (Ian Nuttall being the exception of course). So in order to support Phil we will be bringing a treadmill into each office and will be attempting to cover 40.5 miles respectively.

Now whilst we can’t compete with the ascent or the altitude, we will be trying to stand alongside Phil and do our bit to support this fantastic achievement, whether that be running, jogging, walking (or even crawling if things get that bad) to try and mirror his climb back home – after all, we stand together as a company and are guided by our 4 core values; Go Beyond The Call, Lead the Way, Take Personal Responsibility and Do The Right Thing.

But what challenge would be complete without an element of competition? Breaking the run into 30minutes slots the two offices will be competing for the greatest motivator of all – cold beer on a Friday evening. Whichever office manages to get the furthest in the allotted time will receive a little reward from the company on our monthly staff night out, on top of the standard round the company provide (what a good time to be a member of the Solar team ey?)

We will be trying to raise money to go towards Phil’s total as well so please give generously as this is all going to a fantastic cause

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