How to program a key on a MiVoice Business deskphone

Posted by Jess Jepson on 04 September, 2015

Any Mitel phone that is connected to the MiVoice Business will have various programmable keys, the function of these keys can be altered at any time using the programming tool. Most of the key are pre-defined with certain functions when they are initially installed, but you may want to add additional features later on, this guide and video will show you how to do that.

After logging into the system administration tool, use the menu on the left hand side and click on 'Users and Devices' then 'User and service Configuration'. This will provide you with a list of all the users currently connected to the phone system. To change any of the programmable keys select one of the users from the list, there may be multiple devices associated with certain users, such as a deskphone and/or softphone, select the deskphone and then click on the 'keys' button which will appear after clicking on a device.

You will now see a list of all the available buttons which are listed in numerical order, as well as the function they perform. Click on the button you wish to program, this will reveal a list of additional options. Certain will need to be completed for the button to function correctly but this is dependent on the feature you wish to use, for an external number you will need to complete:

  • Label - this is the name that will appear next to the key, so make sure you are as descriptive but also as brief as possible
  • Line Type - this is the feature that will be used on the key itself, there is a long list to choose from
  • Button Dir. Number - if you select user speedcall as the line type you will need to input that number here, if the number is an outside line you will need to add the number at the beginning to get an outside line

After you have made the required changes you will see an exclamation mark next to the number, this is just to represent that the function has been changed but not yet been saved, allowing you to change multiple keys at once before saving. Once you have changed all the buttons you require, click save and the changes will be live and the exclamation marks will disappear. The video below will explain how to program other features onto various keys.

Programming multiple phones

If you have multiple phones that will have the same layout, you can copy keys from one phone to another. This makes deployment make quicker than programming every key on every phone individually.

After you have finished programming the first phone click the 'Copy Keys' button. This will open a new window where you can select which key you wish to use on other phones and also change the settings of the key if they specific to that phone. You don't have to copy every single key but pick and choose. Now that you have selected the keys you wish to copy, you can enter the extensions you wish to copy them to. For example you can copy to individual phones by separating each one with commas (1108, 1109,1111,1120,etc.) or a range by typing in the first number followed by a hyphen then the final number (1108-1120). You can also use a mixture of both, but it can become quite complex, so it may be better to type each extension in individually.

When you are happy with your settings click copy, this will then program the keys on the phones you have selected. If an error have been made a new window will open up explaining the error and how to resolve it, this is generally due to user error such as the extension typed in do not exist or changes made to the keys will not function correctly.