How to Make Your Phone Appear Busy

Posted by Paul Wilson on 31 May, 2016

The Mitel IP phone lets you spoof a busy status, which essentially makes your phone appear engaged. Other users who are on your phone system will see the normal busy message on their phone screen.

This feature is called Make Busy, and you'll need to have a key pre-programmed to be able to use it. If you're not sure whether your phone is programmed to use this feature, contact the team who are responsible for the administration of your system.

This Mitel phone guide is for MiVoice Business (also known as Mitel 3300 ICP) users only.


Turning Make Busy On

To make your Mitel IP phone appear busy, press the pre-programmed key once.

The screen on your phone will display MAKE BUSY, and the LED light next to the key will be illuminated.

Disabling Make Busy

To stop your phone from appearing busy to other callers, press the Make Busy pre-programmed key again.