HMRC Call Waiting Times of 47 Minutes Defended By Boss

Posted by Jess Jepson on 10 September, 2015

Taxpayers are waiting an average of 47 minutes to have their calls answered by HMRC, according to a Citizens Advice report. The report into HMRC call waiting times uncovered that thousands of people are waiting much longer than official figures have stated to have their calls answered.

The National Audit Office has stated, following this report, that too few calls are being dealt with within five minutes. Figures now show that just 39% of calls to the organisation are answered within this time.

HMRC Chief Executive Lin Homer has defended the organisation’s record by claiming that although enough calls aren’t being answered within five minutes HMRC has managed to improve its first call resolution rates, meaning more callers have their issues resolved after one phone call.

It was in June this year that the HMRC boss apologised after a report revealed that a quarter of calls to HMRC were not being answered.

The Citizens Advice report revealed that over the last 12 months 11,500 callers have complained about wait times on Twitter, with most of them having to wait an average of 47 minutes before being answered.

This amount of wait time is estimated to cost each caller £4.66 in call charges.

In response to these delays HMRC said they have taken on an extra 3000 staff, as well as installed new telephone systems.

The organisation have also claimed the CA report is unscientific, out of date and not representative of current operations.