Ultra-fast network speeds at lower costs.


Reliable high-speed network connections enable your business to do more.


2025 will see Openreach switch off the PSTN network. FTTP lets your business take advantage of ultrafast network speeds at a lower cost than traditional broadband connections. Making the move away from PSTN now allows your business to take advantage of the benefits provided by FTTP.

FTTP provides an agile and scalable solution for businesses of all sizes, it's easy to overlay IP services like SIP and VoIP on your FTTP, providing a stable future-proof platform to run your voice services over.


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FTTP is also an uncontended option, making it ideal for businesses that need to quickly access applications in the cloud, download and send large files and connect to other sites across the country.

FTTP gives you guaranteed speed and performance, keeping your business and customers connected. Powering you to do more, faster than ever before.



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FTTP provides ultrafast reliable connectivity that lets you do more.


Why choose FTTP for your business?


FTTP has wide-reaching benefits for businesses of all sizes


tick-01  Ultrafast speeds: FTTP boosts what’s possible through fibre, with speeds of up to 1Gb, combined with ultra-low latency that isn’t affected by the distance between your premise and the exchange.


tick-01  Future-proof your business: The 2025 switch off is getting closer with some exchanges switched off already, prepare your busines by moving to the connectivity of the future that is designed to meet our evergrowing bandwidth demands.


tick-01  Flexible and scalable: There are multiple options to choose from when considering FTTP, meaning you can easily and quickly scale your bandwidth to meet the growth of your business.


tick-01  Faster installation: We aim to get you up and running on FTTP within 10 days, allowing you to take advantage of the faster, more reliable connectivity quicker than ever before.


tick-01  Connectivity First: Legacy broadband always required a landline connection as it is built on top of the phone line. This can become costly, particularly if you're not using the phone and the connections require regular upkeep due to the copper technology used, meaning an increase in potentially costly downtime for broadband users.


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How does FTTP Compare to FTTC?


Whilst both Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) and Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) promise high speeds, and they are both faster than the conventional ADSL connection, because of the pure fibre optic delivery, Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) has got the edge for guaranteed performance.



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direct case study graphics-10Who needs FTTP? 


The short answer is everyone. With the PSTN switch off in 2025 traditional broadband will no longer be accessible. FTTP increases business productivity with higher speed more reliant connections. 

Business broadband conjures up images of office buildings, rows of desks and hundreds of employees in front of computers. The reality is that business broadband users very rarely look like this, with many users working remotely particularly with industries such as manufacturing or logistics.

With higher bandwidth, increased reliability and lower latency FTTP will revolutionise connectivity for both residential and businesses alike.



direct case study graphics-09What are the benefits of FTTP? 


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direct case study graphics-06Why Choose Wavenet as your FTTP Provider?


As an ISP, we have over two decades of experience in networking and connectivity for businesses, with more than 100 highly trained and UK-based engineers and long-standing partnerships with all the tier one connectivity suppliers. We are passionate about providing your business the very best solution that meets and often exceeds your needs and work with you to understand your business before suggesting the right solution.


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