How to forward calls using Mitel Phone Manager

Posted by Jess Jepson on 06 February, 2015

If you are away from your Mitel phone, there is a function for forwarding calls, you can use this feature to forward a call to another destination. This is useful for when you are away from your desk but you are waiting for an important call. Calls can be forward to a variety of destination including an internal extension, mobile phone or DDI.


There are various different options for call forwarding

No Answer

If you don't answer your phone within 15 seconds (the time can be changed) the call will be forwarded to your selected phone for you to answer.


This is when your calls are forwarded only when your phone is in use.

No Answer & Busy

This option combines the first two options.

All Calls

This is when all calls are forwarded to your phone without delay. This is probably the best option for call forwarding because all calls are sent straight to your forwarding destination and you don't have to wait for a certain period of time for the call to come through.

To change the forwarding option on Mitel Phone Manager, you have to click the fourth option on the top function bar and set it to one of the four options available. This will bring up a box for you to type an internal extension on an external number to forward your calls to. For example, for internal forwarding you can just type in the extension you wan to forward to. This also displays the name of the persons phone who all the calls are forwarded to. For external calls, you just type in the full number and it will forward.

If the forward feature is already activated, you will see that the icon is solid blue.