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Digital Transformation Proves Value For Business Continuity

By : Paul Ceaser / 02 February, 2018 /

Director of Operations takes a moment to reflect

January 18th and 19th marked our annual company update in Stratford-Upon-Avon, which, without a doubt, was our most successful event to date, in more ways than one...

Solar's Director of Operations, Paul Ceaser, tells us how the event provided a unique opportunity to not only engage and invest in our people but also test and improve Solar operations.

"I have to say this was a Monumental and Motivational event for all at Solar. The team proved they are Cohesive, Responsive, Adaptive and Highly Motivated, filling me with confidence that we are better placed than ever before to deliver our customers current and future business needs. More than anything, I was left with a sense of pride; pride that as a business we invest in the knowledge, development and motivation of our people, sharing in our successes and rewarding great achievement but also pride in the technology that we use as a business and deliver to our customers.

Across the 2 days, we managed to exercise our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) plan allowing every single one of our people to attend this event for the first time. Through careful planning, we were able to bring together our 4 offices, all with a wide geographical spread, whilst also maintaining close and critical operational support to our customer base throughout.

As an integral part of our ISO27001 (Information Security) accreditation and enhancing our 20000 (Service Management) and 9001 (Quality) responsibilities, is the mandate for testing our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan annually (as a minimum). Whilst it is only necessary to perform selected testing of various business critical components, Solar marked the start of 2018 with a complete and full test of our plan, assimilating the failure of ALL our Service and Support premises concurrently.

Now we have taken a step back from the event, I am pleased to announce this was a complete success, enacted without impact to our customers or our normal operational tempo. Was it perfect?  No, like any plan there are always 3rd and 4th order effects that could have been better. However, Solar deemed it a 98% score on all tests and facilities tested against the BCDR plan. We have taken our lessons identified and adjusted the plan for next time.

This success is a testament to the flexibility and robustness of our cloud infrastructure and architecture, which proves that we can operate from anywhere, with a seamless transition between sites and without a single minute lost in operational support time. Furthermore, this is a testament to our team, who were able to 'lift and shift' their daily routine and deliver the top-quality service our customers have come to expect from us without issue."

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