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Today's customers expect to be able to contact your organisation whenever they like, wherever they are, and on whatever device or channel they choose. From social media, to WhatsApp our communication preferences, and those of our customers, are changing.


jenny-ueberberg-BaSeK7rwc1A-unsplashWelcome to the digital age. From self-service platforms to social media and video calling, digital channels have surged ahead in popularity. Today's consumers expect to able to contact the brands they love over the channel's they are most comfortable with. Without a digital channel offer, organisations risk losing the business and trust of their customers.


storm allows organisations to present their customers with a truly omni-channel offering, across both traditional and digital channels. storm enables customers and agents to interact across any channel with the same level of functionality, reporting and customer insights, whilst routing enquiries into blended queues based on query content, rather than channel choice.



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Harness the power of AI with Data-Driven Insights.


Your customers demand the best


CX is the lifeblood of your organisation, when your customers demand the best, you should too.



Data-Driven Customer Journeys – Harnessing the Power of AI


Data is the new oil. Your customer data holds the key to generating market-leading customer loyalty that will fuel long-term revenue security. Unlock the value in your data with a streamlined CRM tool, backed-up by cutting-edge artificial intelligence.


storm Customer Knowledge System (CKS)® is a CRM, knowledge management, case management and ticketing solution that enables organisations to craft consistent customer journeys across every channel. storm’s AI offering allows businesses to use the data in their CRM to drive real-time business insights, and enable agents to deliver highly personalised, data-backed customer experiences, whilst offering customers self-service options.



Deep Integrations – Driving Revenue from Legacy Technology


Organisations hold enormous amounts of data on every customer. This is often held in disparate systems and databases, creating vast silos of data that do not inform one another, and act as barriers to the delivery of a cohesive customer experience.


With the ability to link to any third-party system, database, or remote store of information, storm unifies, rather than replaces, legacy architecture. This allows businesses to make effective use of the systems they already have, reducing costs, and the need for huge system overhauls that would cause service disruptions.



Flexible Solutions – The Power to Adapt


When an unexpected crisis strikes, businesses need the ability to adapt their services in real time. storm offers just that. It’s intuitive, no-code service creation environment allows administrators to update their services in real time, in just a few clicks. storm's cloud-hosted, browser-based architecture allows agents to work from anywhere. By enabling them to choose the environment that will best suit their productivity and wellbeing, storm transforms agents into customer service superheroes.


storm’s evergreen, cloud foundations allow users to continuously update their services with new features as and when they need them, enabling them to craft a solution that grows with their business. With an agile deployment model, storm can be implemented rapidly, in staggered sprints, allowing organisations to update their CX communications estate without disruption.





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Elevate and empower your Contact Centre Agents to delight your customers, first time, every time.


Benefits at a Glance


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Omni-channel capabilities

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Unlimited scalability

MicrosoftTeams-image (31)Intuitive, no-code service creation

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Next-generation intelligent automation and AI

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Thousands of deep integrations

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Rich functionality set, with bespoke package customisation




Personalise Your Solution




storm CONTACT is an omni-channel contact centre solution. CONTACT routes enquiries from every channel to the best available agent using Intelligent Automated Contact Distribution.



storm CKS is a cutting-edge CRM, case management, ticketing, and knowledge management system that dynamically updates records and provides a 360-degree view of the customer.



storm FLOW is a drag and drop multi-channel service creation interface enabling complex services to be created and updated in real-time, allowing simultaneous estate-wide updates.



storm INTEGRATE supports flexible integration with virtually any third-party back-end system including CRM, Workforce Management (WFM), Workforce Optimisation (WFO), and analytics technology.




storm MACHINE AGENT acts as an intermediary between storm and AI technology, enabling organisations to provide end-to-end personalised customer engagement and automation.



LOCK enables businesses to take fully compliant automated or agent-assisted payments, regardless of agent location. LOCK offers converged reporting of  online payments and revenue tracking.



DR allows businesses to protect their contact centres from disruption with a rapid disaster recovery solution that includes immediate homeworking implementation, and real-time service changes. 



storm QM allows businesses to gain full control over their contact centre quality standards; providing everything needed to meet quality objectives, and train new staff in best practices. 






You're In The Best Hands...


Wavenet has over 20 years of experience in voice technologies, working with businesses across the UK to deliver high-quality, reliable telecoms and technology solutions. In partnership with Content Guru, Europe’s leader in cloud contact centre technology, Wavenet presents storm, a multi-award winning Customer Engagement and Experience solution.


storm Blue

storm brings together intelligent automation, third-party systems integration, and on-demand scalability to enhance all customer communication functions. With true omni-channel engagement capabilities, which include on-demand video chat, storm gives organisations the power to create consistent and seamless experiences for customers, inspiring loyalty and powering success.

Wavenet’s internal development team is dedicated to advancing our technology and providing our customers with the best solution on the market to make moving to storm easy.

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