Connecting a Headset to a Mitel IP Phone

Posted by Neil Tennant on 03 May, 2016

For many Mitel IP phone users, a headset is an essential tool. It's important to understand how to activate and deactivate your headset, and how to manage calls, so that you give your callers a good experience.

This Mitel phone guide is for MiVoice Business (also known as Mitel 3300 ICP) users only.

Controlling Calls With a Headset

The list below describes the common operations you'll need to learn with your headset.

  • Press Headset to activate your headset
  • To answer a call manually (without auto-answer), press the flashing line key, or press the Float key
  • If you're using Call Notification, answer a call by selecting Close and then selecting the prime line
  • To mute your headset microphone, press the MUTE key. To unmute, press MUTE again. Note that the LED next to MUTE will be lit solid while Mute is active.
  • To hang up a call, press the X (cancel) key