How to configure a site on Oak Evolve

Posted by Jess Jepson on 16 February, 2015

With many businesses today employees don't need to be sat in the same office to communicate. There can be numerous satellite offices across the country and even the world, but being able to monitor and report of call activity is just as important.

Oak Evolve can be configured to collate data from remote sites or external sites.

To setup a new site start by clicking the configuration menu item on the left hand panel and select Sites from the expanded menu. A new window will open up with one button that says 'New Site' click that button.

You can now enter the name of your new site and there will be other tabs visible on the same window. Click the PBX tab and enter the IP address of your Avaya Phone System (if you don't have the IP address contact your system administrator) or you may be able to select it from a drop down list. Onto the options tab you need to specify the 'Access Digit'. This is the number you press to access an outside line.

Once you have entered all this information click 'Save' and return to the main window. You should see information coming from that site straight away in the Realtime and Live Calls panes. If this is not the case speak to your system administrator or contact Denwa for more information.