The Mass Adoption Of Cloud PBX

Posted by Elliot Dacosta on 07 February, 2018

An increasing number of businesses are moving away from their traditional on-site telephony solutions, this is due to the snowballing number of IT managers realising the benefits of Hosted Cloud Telephony as a direct replacement. Currently, there are 38 million hosted Voice over IP (VoIP) and Unified Communications (UC) seats and the number of VoIP and UC users is forecast to total 74 million by 2020 according to IHS Markit’s Business Cloud VoIP and UC Services Annual Market Report. This means that an overall increase of 95% is expected in the next few years, or 18% increase year-on-year.

Another key reason contributing to VoIP and UC hitting their stride is BT announcing their plans to switch off their ISDN and PSTN networks with a view to migrate all customers to an IP network by 2025. With BT having 7.6 million ISDN and PSTN connections in the UK, this change will affect hundreds of thousands of businesses. This alone should be enough of a push to consider the benefits of migrating to the cloud and start the cogs moving that you need to replace your current system it in due time.

Don’t worry, it's not all doom and gloom, especially when you consider that migrating to a hosted solution is significantly easier than you might have initially thought. Picking the right IT partner makes the world of difference because finding the solution that works for you is integral - it is not a one size fits all approach. At Solar we partner with Mitel, an award-winning Gartner leader and one of the largest global providers of hosted, on-premise and hybrid business telephony and UC solutions. Their solutions are built to scale, grow, and evolve with your business needs. There are a number of cloud communications companies but if you’re thinking of “going hosted” in terms of telephony, we have a wealth of experiences across a number of different industries so you can be sure you are in the right hands with us.

Here are some of the benefits of hosted telephony:

1) It Saves You Money

For most businesses, it all comes down to the bottom line. Many companies don’t want to have a high capital expenditure (CapEx) by investing thousands in equipment which will at some point become outdated, they would rather stick to a more convenient operating expenditure (OpEx) model.

With hosted VoIP, the hardware costs are handled by your provider so there are little to no upfront costs for you. Moreover, the cost per minute will be substantially cheaper with Cloud PBX than what you were used to with your old system.

The benefits of hosted PBX is you will have predictable – and lower – monthly costs as opposed to a considerable initial investment.

2) It Saves Time And Resources

Nowadays it’s common knowledge that IT Teams are continually asked to do more with less. More flexibility and functionalities to provide to the end users, more maintenance to do, more SLAs to hit, more troubleshooting… All of that with less time, less resources, and sometimes less budget. Sound familiar?

Well the benefits of hosted telephony solutions is that the IP-PBX is taken care of by your provider, so there is no need for IT resources from your side to be solely assigned to the maintenance, upgrade or update of the telephony system.

3) It Enhances Your Flexibility

As we mentioned above, with the pace at which technology is evolving, it becomes outdated fairly quickly. Nobody wants to transfer an old phone system to a new office, or even less to reinvest money when moving offices.

With Cloud PBX, moving is easy, you can keep your existing phone numbers since VoIP is not dependent on geographic location. And whilst we are talking about numbers: picking and cancelling virtual numbers is very easy and fast.

4) It Makes Unified Communications Easy

As you are probably aware, Unified Communications is the integration of different collaboration tools such as instant messaging, presence and video conferencing, desktop and data sharing – among many others – to boost the productivity and efficiency of employees by improving the ability to collaborate remotely in real-time. ShoreTel Connect is a great tool to achieve all of this and offers Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS).

Now the good news is you can easily get all these features in a hosted environment. Again, your provider will take care of all the back-end whilst you simply have to enjoy the functionalities and features.

So how do I get my business on to the cloud?

If you are about to review your telephony system and want to weigh up the options between hosted, on-premise or hybrid, please contact us by sending an email to 

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