Hosted Telephony - For A Start-Up Business

Posted by Elliot Dacosta on 07 February, 2018

Why it makes sense to utilize cloud telephony...

For a start-up business, budgets are tight and therefore squeezing the most out of every pound is vital. Communication is an integral part of any business, but ensuring you have a strong foundation to conduct business is key to initial success whilst you grow your business. Whilst having a desk phone is a given, by taking hosted telephony and moving it into the cloud you get a number of benefits which allow you to be agile as your business grows.

Making the switch to the cloud can mean your business realises the benefits of hosted telephony solutions almost instantaneously. Here at Solar we have experience across a range of industries and company size, and we realise the main similarity shared between everyone…each business and its needs are unique. We provide thousands of businesses across the UK the foundations at the core of their business by establishing strong communications systems, and the beauty of start-ups taking services with us is that we can help provide scalable and flexible solutions that grow with your business. When you take cloud based solutions, such as Solar Seamless Connect runnning on a seat by seat basis, this highlights one of the many benefits of hosted PBX - a feature ideal for start-ups.

As a start-up business owner, having a service in place that is flexible and can expand and contract with your business needs is vital. You can easily add or remove numbers, extensions and other services to match your current business requirements. Just pay for what you need and keep a better control over your budgets

If you continue to grow to a point where you need to move to bigger premises, the flexibility of our hosted telephony ensures that you can divert important calls during the move itself, and easily switch to the new location when the dust is settled. It also means that those working from home can keep the same number for business calls. This is a much more cost-effective way to address your communication needs than to buy expensive hardware which needs to be kept on-site, stored and maintained.

Hosted telephony is much like a regular telephone system except you will have all services and numbers hosted in the cloud. Hosted numbers sit in the cloud, which means that they are not tied to a specific location. You’ll be able to divert calls to any other number, whether a landline, mobile or international number and our system makes it as easy as possible to do so through a simple control panel.

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