Cloud Telephony – Not Sure Which Way To Go?

Posted by Elliot Dacosta on 07 February, 2018

Cloud is very much a buzz word in the world of computing and technology and there remains a lot of hype around the subject, but the question many people are asking still is "why choose hosted pbx?"

Well the technology is not new, in fact it has been around for a few years now, but it appears that small and medium-sized businesses remain confused about whether it is the best way to go and have struggled to realise the benefits of hosted telephony

Enterprise sized businesses and corporations are almost all using cloud telephony, but SMEs are not necessarily quite in tune with how best to deploy cloud and how it can best complement their business.

Many businesses know they should be using Cloud but don’t always know the best way to use it and still ask themselves “How do I get my business on to the cloud?”

The misconception appears to be that you have to use Cloud completely off site, so what needs to be addressed is that there are a number of different cloud communications solutions, which can be deployed in different ways to best serve the type of business you are.

Whether it’s a hybrid, private or completely hosted Cloud, you can customise the offering in different ways that works for you, whilst achieving a safe and secure solution that affords you peace of mind and flexibility unlike an on-premise system.

Here at Solar, we feel it is our responsibility, along with other telecommunications service providers, to help demystify things like cloud a little bit more for SMEs who can’t afford to employ IT managers to sit there and research it. When you sit there and ask yourself “How do I transition to the cloud?” we want to be there to provide the facts and find a solution that works for you.

But what I would say, is that if you are not considering Cloud as part of your business strategy you are missing a trick.

With the rise of fibre broadband, Cloud technology has bcome much more accessible and as more people increasingly get “into the cloud” it is becoming less expensive.

We already have cloud solutions up and down the country, across a range of industries and business sizes and have some customers who are already realising savings of up to 70% a month off their telecoms bill. This is why we are the only platinum ShoreTel reseller in the UK and have a wealth of experience in the field.

If a business is saving 70 per cent on their telecoms bills, they can re-invest it in other areas to help their business grow, so it’s certainly worth peering through the Cloud to find the best solution for you.

For more information on Cloud Telephony or Unified Communications, why not check out our ebook "How To Reduce Communication Costs" which explores the cost benefits of adopting a cloud telephony solution.

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