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Record a Call System Flags explored

The MiVoice Office 250 has the built-in ability to record calls on demand, this allows you to input a feature code or program a key that will record calls as and when you need to. You just need to ...
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By : Jess Jepson / 30 June, 2015 /

How to change the time format on your MiVoice Office 250

If you want to change the date format on your Mitel Phone System from 24 hour or to am and pm you can do so by logging into Mitel DB Programming software. This will change the time format of the ...
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By : Jess Jepson / 29 June, 2015 /

Turning off Mitel Insufficient Bandwidth Alarms

The Insufficient Bandwidth alarm notifies all supervisors (depending on how your phone system is configured) when certain IP Phones aren't able to complete certain actions. This is more common when ...
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By : Jess Jepson / 26 June, 2015 /

How to setup email contacts for emailing reports on MiContact Centre Business Edition

MiContact Centre Business allows users to run any report on demand, by utilising security roles you can restrict access to any or all reports. This is a great way of filtering the visibility of each ...
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By : Jess Jepson / 25 June, 2015 /

The Road to the Future – an Information Super-Highway

In the modern digital age, the Internet of Things refers to the hive of connectivity networked between physical objects via the use of sensors and electronics, giving the object in question the ...
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By : Jess Jepson / 24 June, 2015 /

What is watchdog used for on Mitel Communication Service?

Watchdog is an integral part of the Mitel Communication Service as it is used to start up the system and determines what service roles should be running. After any service is started by watchdog it ...
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By : Jess Jepson / 23 June, 2015 /

We're almost half way..!

Can you believe it's 26 weeks until Christmas?
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By : Jess Jepson / 23 June, 2015 /

Mitel MiVoice 250 and Avaya IP Office Desk to Desk Dialling via SIP Trunks

Overview When an organisation grows and expands into new areas it will often acquire new sites. For the organisation to be able to communicate effectively with its own people, its customers and its ...
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By : Paul Wilson / 22 June, 2015 /

Top 5 reports every Contact Centre should be running

Every contact centre is different that is why MiContact Centre Business has an array of reports available that can be customised to only include the data you need. But there are 5 reports that we ...
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By : Jess Jepson / 19 June, 2015 /

Denwa Extend opening hours to better support their customers

Having listened to our Customer’s needs and requirements, Denwa is pleased to announce that as of Wednesday 1st July we are extending the opening hours in our Service Department.
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By : Jess Jepson / 18 June, 2015 /

OFCOM release new 08 regulations from July 1st 2015

Does your business use a Non-Geographic Number? From the 1st July 2015, companies who use a non-geographic number (NGN) will need to adhere to new OFCOM guidelines.
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By : Neil Tennant / 16 June, 2015 /

MiCollab Client Installation and User Guide

This guide covers the installation and basic operation of the Mitel MiCollab Client version 6.0. It is intended as a companion to the Mitel MiCollab Client Quick Reference Guide.
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By : Paul Wilson / 15 June, 2015 /

Love It Or Loathe It? Mixed Reviews For Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has now arrived and been on sale in the UK for a whole month. So whether you’ve been sporting this new wearable since its launch date or you’re still on the fence about investing in ...
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By : Jess Jepson / 12 June, 2015 /

Program your Mitel phone keys, Mitel 3300

If you want to program the keys on your Mitel 3300 / MiVoice Business phone then follow this quick guide explaining how. To program a key: Press Settings Press Programmable Keys. Press the key you ...
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By : Jess Jepson / 09 June, 2015 /

How to automatically create a new contact within Salesforce

Utilising the MiVoice Integration tool for Salesforce a new contact window can be opening automatically when an unknown contact calls in.
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By : Jess Jepson / 09 June, 2015 /

Configure the voicemail password on Phone Manager

To speed up access to voicemail and to avoid having to use the on screen dial pad when connected as a softphone, Phone Manager now provides options to prompt for and if required save a user’s ...
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By : Paul Wilson / 08 June, 2015 /

Something very strange just happened..

It was September 2005 when BT were asked to setup their BT wholesale division called Openreach. Since then, unless your business has lived under a rock for the past decade you would have realised ...
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By : Jess Jepson / 06 June, 2015 /

How to change the security policy on Mitel Communication Service

A good security is crucial for any sensitive data so making sure that the policy is as secure as possible is very important to any business. Mitel Communication Service allows administrators to ...
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By : Jess Jepson / 05 June, 2015 /

How to maintain the database on Mitel Communication Service

We all know that it is important to maintain a good backup policy to prevent loss of data and losing a lot of man hours by not creating a good back up policy.
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By : Jess Jepson / 04 June, 2015 /

How to use the keypad on the MiVoice Salesforce toolbar

A virtual keypad is a great little tool to have with your MiVoice toolbar allowing you to dial phone number or even navigate through auto attendants (press 1 for this or 2 for that), especially if ...
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By : Jess Jepson / 02 June, 2015 /

How to configure email on the Mitel Communication Service

SMTP Email is essential for the Mitel Communication Service to function correctly with the MiVoice Office 250. As well as other features when a new user account is created the login details will be ...
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By : Jess Jepson / 02 June, 2015 /

How to access your voicemail from any internal Mitel Phone

The great thing about the voicemail feature for the MiVoice Office 250 is that you can access it from any other Mitel phone connected to the same phone system as your own. This is also the reason why ...
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By : Jess Jepson / 01 June, 2015 /

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